What's the deal?

Someone, please tell me, what is the trick to making friends when you are a single 33 year old? Because my current crop of friends is just not cutting it anymore and I really need to make some new ones.

Please don't tell me to go to church. Between my parents, sister and therapist that's all I hear. I've tried answering ads on Craigslist for supper clubs, book clubs, scrabble games, and craft groups. Apparently, my emails must disappear into oblivion.

It's good thing I've got Lulu around or I would just be talking to myself all the time. Is it any better to be talking to the dog? Do you think my baby waby (that's her new nick name, by the way) ever answers? Well sometimes she'll give me a kiss right after she's licked her butt if she's not too busy outside barking at a possum.


What, you aren't all clicking over to your email lickety split to ask me to be BFFs? Watch out or I'll sic Lulu on you. She might just give you a kiss too.

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  1. I think you have to get involved in some activity that has the kind of people you want to get to know. I speak from experience. I dumped all of my old bult-up friends when I was about your age. Well, they moved away. this was about the time I joined the forum. I just decided it wuold be better to be alone than keep making the same kinds of friends. I've made friends at work (other historians and now editors-- smart women and some men) and now I have horsey friends (no-nonsense women...I think the trick is to give up on finding soul mates and to go buffet-style, a little bit here and there. Maybe I'll find a great girl friend one day, in-the-flesh, I dunno...but interesting conversationalists I can restpect and laugh with will do for now :)