Another movie I must see

I was watching the season premiere of Jersey Shore on my dvr today (shut it! It was a rough week, I needed some GTL to brighten my day) and they showed a preview for this movie. It looks hilarious.


Music I am loving

I was listening to my Pandora station at work the other day (creatively titled "ek's station") when this song came on that I'd never heard before. Now that doesn't really happen very often so I had to click out of autoCAD to see who it was. Granted, the radio stations here suck but has anyone else ever heard of Never Shout Never? Well anyway, I've bought this song from iTunes.

Another song I heard recently and had to buy was a song I've heard used in the opening sequence of a new tv show. Since then I've also heard it used in ads for the new Eat Love Pray movie. The artist is Florence + the Machine.

So look people, I'm not up on what's new in music these days (obviously, both these groups have been around a while) since it's all Clearchannel aka all Lady Gaga all Ke$ha all the time here in the Triangle. Help a girl out and let me know what I should be listening to. I can only listen to so much NPR and country music.

Don't fall off your bike!

Do you think seeing these runners might have made one of the Tour de France guys do a double take and fall of his bike? Was that the intended goal? Do the runners secretly hate Lance Armstrong?


Love these colors

This photo was taken at the farmer's market a few weekends ago.
No, I didn't get a new digital camera.
This is the camera on the iphone.
It rocks.

Skinny jeans

Yes, I do love my new iphone.
But really, I took this photo because I have lost 70 lbs and the body I see in the mirror does not match what I see in photos. In the mirror I still see the super fat me. It's hard to reconcile the two. So I was out shopping the other day, at Old Navy, trying on a size of jeans that I have not worn since like the 7th grade. Of course I had to take a vain moment and snap a photo. If I didn't recognize my feet I wouldn't know that was me.

Poor pitiful pearl

I mean really, have you ever seen such a sadder dog? 
You'd think she never gets a bite to eat.


Hot Balls

Last night I went to see the Durham Bulls play against the Norfolk Tide.
It was hot. My friend Trisha went with me.


Kitties Rescued by US Marine Soldiers in Afghanistan

Kitties Rescued by US Marine Soldiers in Afghanistan:

O hai!

I would like to adopt these Marines. And hug them and squeeze them and call them George.

Er, the kitties, I mean.


Do you play?

Do you have an iPhone? Do you play Words with Friends? If not, and you like Scrabble, you really should. My sister turned me on to this game and now I'm totally addicted. I need more people to play. The app is free although you can download one for $2.99 that eliminates the ads (which really aren't that big of a deal). My user name is "elizabethktx73". You'll probably beat me but that's okay. I'm a loser bay-bee, so why don't you play me.


Wouldn't you just pee your pants?

So these kids are with their choir in New Orleans, just doing their thing, singing a song, when the singer of the song, Lenny Kravitz shows up! He heard them from down the street and came to see what was going on and then hangs out to play with them. Pretty cool.


I know, I know. You're all waiting for a post about the Seattle trip but I've been a little pre-occupied. See, I met someone. His name is.....iPhone 4. And I'm in Love.

I'll get back to reality eventually.

Look, I really do run