Ready for a change

I'm feeling the need to change my template again but would like some input from y'all. I have a large monitor at work, home, and my parents' house so I was wondering if the 3 column layout was difficult to read on smaller, older monitors? Let me know.

I have big ideas. Big ideas for the blog, for sewing/knitting/crafting projects, and for my condo. It would nice to have these incorporated into the blog, maybe on a side bar. A better looking header would be nice too.

Today is going to be a lazy day. I'm at my parents' house because yesterday was my gramma's 85th birthday and today is my uncle's birthday so we're having a family dinner. I've been informed that it is my job to make a chocolate cake. If the charge on my digital camera holds out, there will be photos.

Happy Birthday Bebe!!

Dad & Bebe (his mom)


  1. Just for it-- we'll complain later! :) I've got a widescreen, and a medium screen, and a small screen, so I'll just read wherever I have to to get to you :)))

  2. I'm with Katie, just go ahead and do it and we'll let you know if it's a problem.

    I have a smallish screen that I don't have problems with...