A tale of a tail

Gus was a good dog at the vet. He only whimpered a little bit when the vet shaved his tail. He got a cortizone shot and some antibiotics.

Chewed on tail

Boss scarf

Frogged scarf

Here's the scarf I was talking about. It's been frogged. Guess what my holiday project will be?

Tempting Fate

Gus and I are going to the vet in a few minutes. He's managed to lick/chew off a bunch of hair on his tail. It's gross and looks like a big pink rat's tail.

So while we're gone, I'm going to tempt fate by not crating Lulu and letting her have full run of the house. I think it will be fine, but if not you can be sure that I'll blog about it and have photographic evidence.


What's the deal, yo?

Don't ask me why that's my title. I just felt like it. That's right, I'ma gettin' crazy with the titles. Do you know how lame it is to only talk to your dog when you come home at night?

I just typed a long rant about my headache but then ya'll would know I was weird instead of just thinking it. Y'know what else is strange? How cable channels like TNT and F/X will repeat the same show right after it just aired. I was talking to my dad tonight about a tv western starring Robert Duvall and he was telling me that they replayed it right after the first airing and he was glad because he missed the beginnning. I dvr'd it but wanted to find out from him if it was worth watching.

Ya'll don't know the Robert Duvall/Lonesome Dove love that is in my family. My sister named her dog Gus after the character.

Speaking of Gus, yes, he is the best dog ever. don't tell Lulu But if he doesn't stop licking and scratching himself, he's not sleeping in my bed tonight.


Short comings

Back in February, as my boss was ooohing and aaaahing over my scarf, and saying that he wanted one, I foolishly told him I would make him one. He purchased the yarn, under my guidance, and gave it to me. It's just a simple scarf that I'm doing in a knit one purl one pattern. It took me forever (7 frogs) to get what I thought was the right width, only now that I'm halfway into it I realize that it's too wide and I don't have enough yarn to continue at that width. Argh.

Shoot me now. I am going to have to frog and re-wind 2 and 2/3 skeins of yarn and then start over.


Lazy Sunday

Soak up the sun

Lulu enjoyed a spot of sun before my friend came over to paint. She had to go in the backyard for a bit then because otherwise he'd never get any painting done. I let her back in after a while and she was fine. Periodically, she'd go check on him and one time she got a bit too close to the paint tray, so now she has some paint on her tail. It's cute.


Things that annoy me

My neighbors: since I bought my condo last August, the neighbors one driveway over have had at least 5 garage sale weekends. The one this weekend has brought out more traffic than usual and it makes it difficult and dangerous to back out of my driveway. I called the city, because I know there are regulations on how many garage sales you can have, but they told me it was up to the individual HOA. I emailed the HOA president, but I doubt that will do any good.

Albertsons grocery store: the Alberstons grocery store down the street from me is closing. This does not annoy me. What annoys me is their prices. Even on sale, things like Lean Cuisines still cost more than the regular price at HEB. So instead of being able to shop conviently, I have to go out of my way to shop at HEB. And yes, there is enough difference to be worth the drive. So they are closing and there is a giant sign outside that says "everything must go! 50%!". Sounds good, right? I need groceries and they'll be affordable there. Wrong! The only thing that is 50% off are the greeting cards. Grocery items are only 15% off and that still makes them more expensive than HEB. So I just bought some bread and tuna so I can have some dinner tonight.

What doesn't annoy me? The dogs. They're just so damn cute all the time.

Sharing the chair


I should have taken a picture

Tonight was the internet focus group. It was really all about what we use to stay organized. There were 6 of us and all but one used Outlook. So we got to talk all about how we stay organized. I could have waxed poetic on that forever. Those that know me think I talk all the time. Au contrare mon frair! Normally in a situation like tonight I wouldn't say much because I was around people I didn't know. But since organization is one of my favorite topics...

At the end of the session I was handed an envelope with a band spankin' new $100 bill in it. How often do I see one of those? Pretty much never. If I hadn't spent some of it at McDonald's on the way home, I so would have posted a photo.


Politics goes to the dogs

Gus's politics

Politics is not something I'm very involved with. In fact, I would say I'm apathetic about politics. That makes me sad, but not sad enough to care more. Anywhooooo.

Gus has these chew toys that Kristin got for him in 2004. As you can see, he seems to lean to the right, since GW isn't as chewed up as Clinton. There was a Kerry toy too but he was totally destroyed.

Carole Keeton Strayhorn got enough signatures to run for Texas governor in November. I did sign her petition. Because doesn't Texas have enough image problems that we don't need a governor named Kinky?
sewIknit progress

This is my Sew?Iknit! project. The bag that should have been finished by the end of May. Now you see where the lazy comes from. My excuse is that I don't have my craft room set up yet. Never mind the piles of clutter on the desk while its in my bedroom.

But! The craft room is getting painted on Sunday (more lazyness: I hired a friend to paint it--he likes to paint!) so I can spend next week getting all set up. And then I will sew! And stamp! And scrapbook! And maybe start a quilt!

We'll see.

What I'm watching

Over the past few days, I've had the dvr record several medical shows on TLC. One just broke my heart and I couldn't even finish watching it. The title, My Skin Could Kill Me, should have given me a clue. The children featured have a condition known as Harlequin ichthyosis. Basically, they grow as much skin over night as would normally grow in 2 weeks. It just made me sad.

Why do I watch these things?


I can't stop!

I can't stop picking at my finger nails and toe nails. They are so short and they hurt (and I just ran over my toe while putting out the trash can). Maybe I should try hypnosis?


Always wear sunscreen

Today I had my 6 month skin check up. No changes in my moles so I'm good for another year unless something changes. The doctor said that just today she'd had 3 cases of melanoma in women under 30. So wear some sun screen!


Contain Yourself

One might wonder, how can I be lazy and so obsessed with organizing things? I don't know, but I am. For the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas I worked at the Container Store. That was so awesome. As was the discount! In fact, I only made $100 more than I spent.

While reading my blogs today, one of them had a link to See Jane Work which is a website with all kinds of cool organizing things. Oh man! Where's my credit card?


Bunny go for a walk

Originally uploaded by Scully Liao.
How cute is this? Taking a bunny for a walk.

Happy Father's Day

Pie making

His addiction

Dad loves my mom's apple pie so she made one for him today. Kristin makes a mean apple pie as well, so they shared apple peeling techniques. After lunch, dad spent some quality time playing Bejeweled. He loves that game and can spend hours playing it.

It's here!

My new furniture arrived late Saturday afternoon. It looks great. Now I need some art, better lighting, throw pillows and an accent rug.

New sofa & chair


When being an internet-aholic pays off

From time to time I get phone calls from a marketing research firm. I never qualify and the calls usually end in less than 2 minutes. Tonight, it went on for nearly 20. Why? It was all about the INTERNET! Finally, all the hours I spend online pay off.

Next Friday night I will be participating in a research group for the internet. Because what else are internet addicts going to be doing on a Friday night? It's a hundred bucks. That makes me happy. More yarn for me! Or shoes! Or maybe groceries or gas!


Get funky

Do you have have one of those days? I feel like I've been having one of those weeks but I can't put my finger on the cause.

It does cheer me up to check out my blog stats. I see ya'll. It might be on purpose or it might be on accident, but thanks for stopping by.

There are several hits from people googling for "possum shit". Who knew that would be such a popular phrase! And there are quite a few Austin folks. If I don't already know you, please leave a comment and say hi. I need more friends!


Bed electronic juju

You know how it seems everything goes wrong at once? Today has not been my day when it comes to electronic devices. At work, my computer kept freezing up when I would try to print. I had to completely re-draw two different things. Then, tonight at Target, the little debit card machine acted up and I had to re-enter my PIN a couple of times. And now, my cable/DVR box is on the fritz. This is not good! The first episode of the second season of The Closer starts in an hour. I must see this show!

If you hear wailing and gnashing ......oh, never mind. The cable box just decided to come on again.



They're getting along now

Lulu & the baby
Originally uploaded by Liz K Austin.
Only Lulu has kennel cough so I have to keep her separated from the other two dog.

I'm glad they're getting along, but I've decided not to keep the pup. The woman I got her from would be glad to take her back and find her another home, but Kristin also has a friend who is interested. The pup is sweet, but I'm not ready to have another responsibility.


It's hard to ask for help

The past few days have been emotionally trying. Getting the puppy, determining that that was not such a hot idea, and Lulu disappearing for nearly an hour just about did me in. My mom happened to call on Thursday night and through the blubber of tears I said "I need Dad's help".

I'm not one to ask for help. It's not that I think I can do everything, at least not consciously, but it just never occurs to me that I don't have to do it all myself. This is something that's being covered in therapy. Apparently, I have very high, unrealistic expectations for myself and when I don't live up to them anxiety and depression set in. It was a good session.

Anyway, back to my story.

So mom and dad came over this morning and dad busted his ass fixing my fence so that Lulu can not escape anymore. It was not particularly hard work, but it was hot and humid. While he and I did that, mom busied herself sweeping up grass clippings and trimming bushes.

My parents rock.

Mom and Dad dance



I'm at it again. Making changes to the blog layout. I think I like this one.

While I'm doing this, I'm also watching Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet. Considering that this week has been rather emotional when it comes to animals, should I really be watching this? It's going to make me cry, no doubt about it.


There should be a rule

Originally uploaded by Liz K Austin.
I should not be allowed to make major decisions by myself. Why? Because sometimes...well sometimes I make the wrong choice.

Yesterday I got the puppy. Today I'm having big regrets. Lulu is miserable. That makes me feel horrible. The puppy doesn't seem all that happy either.


Possum sighting

Lulu is going nuts. There's a possum baby on the fence again. *sigh*

Somebody on Craigslist wants a baby possum. Why?! If they come catch this possum, they can have it!

She needs a name!

She came with the name Susie, but I don't think it suits her.

New baby

New family member

There is a new member of the K family tonight. She's known as Suzie, but that is going to change. She's a 10 month old black and tan dachshund who is very tiny. Most likely under weight and I doubt her nails have ever been trimmed. Her face is so sweet. You will see soon!

Thank you!

A big thank you to my friend,KathyK, for helping me with my blog problem.



I don't know what I did, but I can not get the side bar back up to the top of the page. If you know how, please tell me! My blog is ugly and that is not acceptable.


What is wrong with this thing?!

Why is my blog so ugly?! I want it to be cute. I want 3 columns. *stompyfoot*

How I feel in the mornings

Originally uploaded by Liz K Austin.

If you love dachshunds

You must read Miss Doxie's new post. She's hilarious and has cute illustrations too.


Confessions of a former neat freak

messy deskkitchen table cluttered coffee table
I used to be a neat person. Do not confuse this with a clean person. Things were neat and tidy and put away, but there was still dust. Now there is both dust and clutter. I don't know how this happened. I'll never have to go on Clean Sweep , but the clutter does bother me. Apparently not enough to do anything about it or be too embarrassed to put it on the 'net for all to read.

Paint has finally been purchased for my office/craft room/guest room and hopefully I can over come the lazy life enough to paint this week. Once that's done, the computer desk moves from the living and the desk shown above can move out of my bedroom. Then I will organize the room like a soccer mom on speed.


Sock in progress

Sock in progress
Originally uploaded by Liz K Austin.
It's slow going on size 1 needles.

Lulu's hair cut

I'm not going out there
Originally uploaded by Liz K Austin.
Lulu went to the groomer's today. She was getting pretty shaggy and fluffy, so I told them to shave her. Perhaps I should have actually looked at the blade chart when they said what level of shave they'd give her. So she looks a bit funny now, but she's just as soft. Her coloring is more brown and less red with the short hair and I love that she has the streak of dark down the middle. Isn't it slimming?


The possum saga continues

Just when I hoped it might be over, the young possum showed up tonight. Even though I really should have known better, I let the dogs out to go after it. You see, this afternoon, Gus decided he really wanted to go after a squirrel on the fence. Gus gets air. You saw the picture. You know. Today he was able to jump so high that he was on the fence. Perching like a chicken. More of his body was in the neighbor's yard than mine. And not the neighbor I know. No, the neighbor behind me. And of course I wasn't dressed. Why do the dogs always get up to no good when I'm not dressed?

So I'm yelling like a drunken banshee and finally Gus decides that he will not make me go hoarse and gray and jumps down into my yard.

Anyway, I digress...back to this evening's adventure.

Gus pulls the young possum down from the fence. He and Lulu struggle with it until I get out there and tell them to leave it. Don't think that worked. I had to grab Gus by the scruff of his neck and drag him into the house and then shut the door. Then I go back to get Lulu.

When I get in the house, there is a stench. On lord was there a stench. This smell was not new to me. I smelled it the time Lulu brought the dead possum into the house. It was the smell of possum shit. I look down. Smudges of it on my bare feet. On my hand. Which means it's on one of the dogs.

I have cleaned everything up, included wiping off Gus's mouth and washing my hands in super hot detergent water and my hand still smells nasty.

The kind of nasty that is so bad you have to sniff it again, just to make sure your brain isn't making this up.

And the dogs are not sleeping in my bed tonight.


I love the dogs...

but they are driving me crazy.

The possum people came this afternoon to switch out the traps so that we could catch the babies. What did I find in the trap when I got home from work at 5:15 today? A squirrel. A freakin' squirrel! That I will have to pay who knows what to have removed from the damn trap.

Just release it yourself, you say.

As if I could! The trap is bolted to the top of my fence so I can't take it down to release the squirrel. You can imagine just how happy Gus and Lulu are to have such a thing in their yard. Lulu barks and spins herself in a circle (I'm pretty sure the Dog Whisperer said that's a bad thing). Gus whines and cries so loud you can't hear yourself think. He sounded like a screaming child. I kid you not. Trying to get to sleep tonight is going to be oh so much fun.

In addition to all this, it has been raining all day. See that mud in the picture below. That's on my very light carpet now.

Also, in the few minutes I spent trying to release the damn squirrel, I was attacked by misquitoes and now I itch all over.

Thank god tomorrow is Friday.


Captured possum


The mama possum has been captured. More news/photos to come tonight.