Anthropologie vs. craft blogs

Earlier this week I was in Houston for work and stopped in at Anthropologie one day to see if they had any cool home stuff. Their clothes are adorable, but trendy, not my size and expensive. A

Anywhoo, back to my story.

So I'm browsing around, trying to decide if I want to pay too much money for a Christmas ornament that I really could make myself, when I spy stuffed toys. Toys like this one:

And I think to myself, I have seen that before. Since I don't normally browse stores for stuffed toys, I knew I had to have seen it on a blog. But which one, there are so many creative women that I read!

Then I wondered, which came first? The blogger or Anthropologie?

(and yes, I did buy the ornament by thinking that I need to have the example in front of me?

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