The headache that started Monday had been continually getting worse and this morning I reached my breaking point when there was stabbing pain in my right temple. A visit to my doctor confirmed that I was having a migraine. Two doses of Maltrex and I feel human again. I'm home, in my pjs, in the middle of the day. What's not to love? Lulu kept me company while I napped. Now I sort of know what it's like to be a dog. Sleep the day away!

I took this photo at the state fair petting zoo over the weekend.


  1. Sorry about the migraine, Liz, but I'm glad your doctor could give you meds that helped. You might want to keep a log so you can figure out what your triggers are for the migraine. Mine is almost always hormones.

    Napping is a wonderful thing. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Sorry to hear about the headache.

    Nothing quite like a migraine to suck the life out of one's day or days. Feel better.

    Love the pillows below. Great fabric.

  3. Sorry about the headache. Other than that, I'm jealous of your nap filled afternoon. Man, I need a day like that ;-)

  4. Migraines stink! Thank goodness for drugs. I used to think that I had to be diagnosed to say I had migraines, but now I have a rx and when one is going to keep me from functioning, I take the pill and sleep for a bit and I am much better. I'm glad you got some drugs and feel better.