Avert your eyes, dad

You know what I have seen in North Carolina that I never saw in Texas? Brown recluse spiders. This evening Lulu sniffed one. I nearly lost my mind. Thank God it didn't bite her! It wasn't the first one I've seen either. In fact, I think I killed a baby one in my apartment last week. Without screaming even. Well not much anyway.


I like pie

Check out this video of my uncle talking about the popular pie happy hour at his restaurant, The Bluebonnet Cafe.


Skunked again

see more puppies

Not Lulu, thank goodness. Kristin was visiting my parents the other night when her two dogs, Gus and Ellie, got skunked. You know, now I don't feel so sad about missing Thanksgiving since it means I don't have to be around two stinky skunky dogs.



According to two different doctors' measurements within the last month, I am only 5'6 and 3/4". What the hell? I've shrunk over an inch? I think there is something faulty with their measuring methods because the scales at my parents' house still says that I'm 5'8". I will check it again when I go home at Christmas but I refuse to believe I have shrunk. Losing weight is supposed to make me sproing up from the weightlessness...right?

I'm coming down with yet another cold/sinus infection or whatever so I saw a new doctor today. She gave me more Ambien. Yay. No more nightmares about The Office or Legend (nothing like waking up in near screams because you were dreaming about zombie dogs). Too bad I couldn't get anymore Xanax from her. Drug seeking? Who me? Never.


A good one

This is a good photo of my mother and me, taken at the wedding. Look how short my mom is!


I needed a laugh

The last few seconds are the best.



Saturday night I was leaving a store and noticed a rainbow in the sky so I snapped a photo. Everyone else around me was doing the same thing. You gotta love the digital age.


At work, I sit near a window so am already distracted enough after years of sitting in gloomy darkness (which I admit, I did kind of like). The past few days have been gorgeous. You can imagine how much work I'm getting done. Today They were calling for snow flurries. I scoffed. But I was checking that window like crazy. Sure enough, the flurries started around noon and we went nuts. We ran outside like a bunch of lunatics. I managed to snap a photo of some flakes that landed on my arm.


It is VERY cold outside now. Lulu and I did her walk around the apartment complex is record time. I've never seen her little legs go so fast.


The Office

Not my new office, but the show, The Office. I've been watching it via Netflix's watch now option on my computer. Between last weekend and this weekend I've watched nearly two whole seasons. Now that may be over doing it a bit much because last night I dreamt about working at Dunder Mifflin. That might have been a good dream, as I'm now understanding all the Jim love I've been seeing on all the blogs, but it was more Dwight focused. *shudder*



Reason #59483 why you should not read about food when you are hungry:

Bacon cinnamon rolls. I feel that if I don't eat these this very moment I might just actually die.


All quiet....

I am probably jinxing myself but Mr. Cough wasn't home last night or tonight either. Perhaps he is a traveling salesman. One can only hope. It's been raining for the last two days. Yesterday it was a nice drizzle and Lulu didn't mind that so much but this morning it was raining pretty hard when it was time to go out. Lulu actually skidded to a halt and tried to run backwards. It would have been funny if I hadn't been in a hurry.


Apartment living

Getting used to apartment life again is taking some time. It's been fairly easy because my complex is new and until today I had no one living near me. Now there is someone in the unit above me. I can hear his washing machine. Lulu barked when he was thumping around. As long as there is no loud noise after 10pm I'm good. But really, how thin are these floors if I can hear the washing machine cycle? That never happened in my other apartment.

In other news, Top Chef started again tonight and sadly I do not get to watch it. The satellite company could not get line of sight from my patio, so no dish for me. The cable company here doesn't carry Bravo and besides that they can't come hook up the cable until the 22nd. So that's right, the tv addict is living without television. It's just awful.


The kindness of strangers

Earlier today I was driving along, just going to the Food Lion, when the tire light came on in my car. I needed gas anyway so I pulled into the gas station. Getting out of the car, I heard a hissing noise. No, there was not a snake wrapped around my tire (that was my first thought...I'm tired...my brain has not been fully functional this week). Instead, there was a big bolt sticking out of it. Really not what I needed at 5:30pm on a Sunday night. On the Sunday night before I start my new job.

After I got my gas I pulled around to the side of the station and start getting out all the things to change the tire. I can change a tire. I've done it once before, on Kristin's SUV, but it's been a long time. Thankfully, this man was driving by to go to the car wash and stopped to ask if I needed help. For 2 seconds I thought about saying no, because I want to be able to take care of myself and not be a helpless girl, but then I came to my senses and said yes. It took him less than 5 minutes to change the tire. Then he was gone like Superman. I didn't even get his name.

But then, doing my shopping at the Food Lion, I ran into him again. His name is Scott. So a giant shout out to Scott in Apex. Thanks a million.



Right as we started to walk down the aisle I realized that I was about to start bawling my eyes out. My little sister was getting married and then I was moving 1500 miles away the next day. So many emotions! So I was trying very hard not to cry as I walked down the aisle. I hope I was smiling more in the photos from the official photographer.

trying not to cry

First dance

First dance

Father daughter dance

Father daughter dance

The cake

Our tradition--self portrait at arms' length

Weed candies

This van passed me while I was driving to NC. I had to speed up so I could call my sister and tell her to look up the website (which doesn't seem to be working at the moment). Weed via lollipops. Just what the world needs.

Weed candies


At the rehearsal
bridal party

Hanging out at the Belmont in downtown Dallas


Getting ready

getting ready
Kristin getting hair done


Made it!

I made it to North Carolina, just in case ya'll were wondering. Also, just in case you were wondering, it is just under 1500 miles from Dallas to Raleigh. That is a lot of driving. Just ask Lulu....

Lulu does not like the car

At first I'm all "ooooh pretty trees, fall foliage, nice"

More trees

But after a thousand miles of seeing this, you get over it.


The wedding was great....more on that later.