Crazy Thing

Let me tell you about a crazy thing I saw tonight. First let me start by saying that the very fact that I left the house after getting home from the gym is amazing. Normally, once I'm home I stay home! But I needed groceries. Which leads me to the crazy thing I saw tonight...

Hard boiled eggs, already peeled, in a bag.

That's right! Can you believe it! I had to reach out and give the bag a squeeze, just to make sure. That made me shudder just a bit.

ps...I found my umbrella. It was under the seat of my car. dur.


Have I lost my mind?

Yesterday, I went to the movies to see Waitress. It was very good. It made me want to make pie. Or just eat some. Whichever. Since I was there, I decided to treat myself to some popcorn and soda. Don't ask me what I was thinking, getting a medium of both! The soda was so large I had to use both hands to lift it out of the cup holder as if I were a child. Seriously. And yes, I did drink it all (even if it did taste a bit flat). Also, I ate most of the giant feed bag of popcorn too. Don't tell my hot trainer.

But seriously, I think I have lost my mind because I can not find my umbrella. I have searched all over the house, the car, and the garage and it is nowhere to be found. You see, it's been raining here as if in preparation for the next Great Flood for like a week and I actually need to use it. I can even see it, lying half open somewhere, in my mind. But where that actually is, I do not know. *sigh*

Save Jericho

Recently, CBS announced that Jericho has been cancelled, despite good reviews and a large viewership. They'd rather keep crap like Two and Half Men on. So if you watched the show and you are not happy with the cancellation, please go here to learn more and sign the petition.



Sad. So very sad. These people are protesting the fact that their children, who did not pass the TAKS, will not be allowed to walk the stage at graduation. According to my sister, the teacher, these kids start taking the test in 10th grade. So they have 3 times to pass. Now look at the spelling on that sign. It's just sad.


Here is the link to the season finale recap of Lost, by the same person(s) as I previously posted. It's even funnier. SRSLY I LOLZ




If you are a fan of icanhascheezburger.com and Lost, then I think you will very much like this recap of season 3 of Lost. It make'd me lol lotz.

2 hour finale tomorrow night! wheeee!!!!11!!!

Where's my Mr. Big?

So tonight I finally finished watching the last 4 episodes of the last season of Sex and the City. Yes, I know, I'm only a few years behind the times. And yes, I cried...how could I not? Carrie finally got her man. Charlotte got her baby and Smith told Samantha he loved her. Normally, I'm not attracted to blonde men (Chris Noth is much more my type) but hello, Jason Lewis, aka Smith, is hot! I hear he's also been on Brothers & Sisters but that is one show I don't watch.

The next few days tend to be pretty grim around here. On May 31st it will have been 6 years, not that I remember the exact time and moment or anything, since my heart was stomped into a million itty bitty little pieces. I want to date again but the thought of getting hurt again scares me too much. So I stay home and care too much about imaginary men on tv. Need I remind you of my Denny obsession? All I talk about in therapy these days is dating, or the lack there of, and it's getting sooooo old. I'd rather spend the hour bitching about something else but we seemed to have fixed all my other problems.

So what do I need to do?

That's what!


Just Say No!

Click on this link for the most hilarious newscast ever. I laughed so hard I cried. What an idiot!


Fresh Powder!

new car
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That's the color name of my new car. Isn't it pretty?! So fresh and shiny and clean. It's got some cool features, like remote keyless entry. Ya'll, you don't even have to put a key in the car to turn it on! As long as the key is in the car, the car will start. Another nifty thing is that on some radio stations, depending on the station itself, I can press a button to see the title/artist of the song playing. That is also very cool. But one thing I am so totally happy about is the seat belt. You see, on my beetle, the sholder belt was too high (and could not adjust down) and would cut into my neck every single time I drove it. I was constantly fighting with it. This one is adjustable and goes low enough that there is no problem. Also, no more plastic, excuse me, "leatherette" seats. No more wet butt! *happy dance*


ACL Fest 2007

The line up for the 2007 Austin City Limits festival was announced today. The headliner is Bob Dylan, which eh, but there are lots of other performers that I'm looking forward to seeing such as Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Spoon, Crowded House, and Augustana. None of the band names are really strange, unlike last year when there was a band named I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness

For more info on the bands, click here.


Lulu has done a bad thing.

She pooped in the house today.

Despite having her own little door
to the backyard to use whenever she
wants during the day.

Healing nicely

Not so bad
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More ranting

My Beetle is nearly 7 years old and has nearly 80k of miles on it. And of course it has yet another oil leak, needs new tires, possibly new brakes and rattles like it's about to fall apart. My new car fever has roared back to life. So the other night I emailed the car salesmen that have been calling and emailing me for the past two months to say that "hey, I'm ready. Here's what I want, do you have it, when I can I test drive, etc"

And do you know what the response to that has been? Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Do you know what that means? These are crappy ass salesmen. That's what. Believe you me, the commission on a car is way better than a sofa but when I was selling La-Z-Boy I busted my butt for every sale, even a $299 recliner. So why haven't they gotten back to me? Tonight I even went to the dealership after work. It took a lot of courage to do this because I do not want to deal with vulture like car salesmen. Maybe I gave of a don't talk to me vibe because no one did. In fact, I didn't even see a single person out on the lot.

Moving on....

You'll need to click through to Flickr and then use the all sizes to see this photo at its best. Seriously, that tattoo. It made my mom's voice come out of my mouth "just think what she'll look like when she's 80". And I like tattoos! I've got 3 of my own but this....not so much. Then again, when you're 80, who cares!

Bad idea

Grey's Anatomy

Don't worry, if you haven't watched last night's episode yet, I'm not giving anything away. The morning show on the radio here is having a total hate on for last night's episode. But I liked it. And if you don't like it THEN QUIT WATCHING! How hard is that? I'm so tired of hearing people complain about bad tv shows they watch. No one is glueing their eyeballs to the tv. Change the damn channel. Idiots

/rant over


Much better now

smallest bandage
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Just thought I'd let y'all all know (and yes, that's proper grammar in Texas) that the pathology came back as expected. Atypical moles. So no cancer. Yay. This morning I went back to the doctor so he could see how things are healing up. He removed 2 stitches and the rest are coming out on Friday.