Christmas candy!

Tonight I made the mistake of going to Target. Why a mistake? Because it was 5pm on Halloween and there were children running around like wild animals in the Halloween aisles while their slack jawed parents looked on.

But do you know what made me happy? Aisles and aisles of Christmas stuff. If you are wanting some hip, cute Christmas cards you need to hurry on over to Le Target (say that in your best French accent honh honh honh). Even better than that, it means that Christmas candy is out.

My most favorite-ist seasonal candy is the Hershey mint kisses. Would you believe that they aren't even on their website? Not so good, Hershey! This year there is a new candy, so of course I had to buy a bag. It's peppermint kisses.

The bag won't be opened for a while, because I like to stare at it and see how long I can hold out, but when they are I shall report back.

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