Worst Logo Ever!

Don't you wonder, just what were they thinking when the logo for this was designed?

Shoes make it all better

This has been the longest yet shortest week ever. On one hand I want it to be over but on the other, not because I have way too much work to do before 5pm tomorrow. Which if it doesn't get done, which it most likely won't, means I will not be enjoying a 3 day weekend. Oh no, I'll be dragging myself into the office and spending 8-12 hours fun hours there. At least the place will be empty and I can sing along with my iPod.

In the meantime, to cheer myself up (and also make Mr. Visa very happy) I have treated myself to this super cute pair of red shoes from Kenneth Cole Reaction via Nordstrom.com. So it's delayed cheering, but still.



Petting zoo

This photo of mine has been short listed for possible inclusion in an online travel guide of Austin called Schmap. How cool is that?!


Almost that time of year

What time of year? Why Fair Food time of year! I was getting out of the shower this morning and caught the end of a bit on the radio discussing the entries in the fried food contest for the Texas State fair. Some of the past years' winners include deep fried Coke, fried PB&J and fried Oreos (which, not so good honestly).

I'll be going to the Fair with Kristin and El Hombre the first weekend in October and I can't wait. Mostly we just walk around and eat and people watch and visit the new car show. But since all three of us have new cars maybe we can skip the new cars? Maybe El Hombre, maybe? But we can't miss the petting zoo as that is my favorite part. Last year Kristin was overly excited by the giant pig's balls. We just can't take her anywhere. Crass.


Interesting Day

So what is it with government entities making my work life hell? Last year it was the IRS, last week it was the City and this week it's the FBI. Give me a break...I pay my taxes. I'm law abiding (most of the time, speeding doesn't count, right?). And speaking of breaks, the water main for our office building broke this afternoon. After lunch. That's prime pee time folks. And no, we did not get to go home and I'm betting it won't be fixed in the morning either. But you know what's fun to watch? A geyser of shit water shooting up into the air right outside your office window? Yeah, that's fun.


If I had this purse

Would I look that hot? I do think so. This afternoon I was at Nordstroms, once again on the quest for shoes (for the third weekend in a row), when I spied this clutch. This photo does not do it justice. It's hot. It's sexy. And I want it. My little silver platinum whatever Nordstrom card was just singing out to me to buy it. Afterall, it's under $200 (just). But this bag really does not fit with my lifestyle so I just fondled it some and then put it back on the counter and left empty handed once again.

Well I did buy some Spanx but that doesn't really count.


Are these not the cutest shoes? I got them at Target tonight, using a gift card that was so thoughtfully given to me by some coworkers. Everything else I bought was just boring old groceries, except for the pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. It's a new flavor inspired by Willie Nelson and his love of peaches (who knew?!). I haven't tasted it yet but I have been craving peach ice cream so I'm sure this will hit the spot.


Road Trip

Today I took a road trip with 5 of my coworkers to Dallas to attend MetroCon, which is an interior design trade show. Basically, we drove three hours to walk around for 3 hours and scam as much candy and give away bags as possible. I had not really been looking forward to the trip all that much because we were told to dress in "formal business" attire. Let me tell you something about the business culture in Austin. It's pretty damn casual. Think casual Friday and then take it down a pair of flip flops or two. So I had to scramble to find something to wear. Secondly, we were to pull out of the office parking lot at 7am. SEVEN aye em. That is when I normally get up, people. So guess who is one tired woman tonight? But I'm too hopped up on that free candy. I sort of feel like a cranky toddler now.

But the ride home was actually quite fun, possibly due to all the candy and the fact that half the group had margaritas at lunch.


Aren't they pretty


Tonight I had dinner with my parents and another couple they are friends with. My mom brought me these zinnias from my gramma's front yard. Aren't they pretty? None of my vases were quite right and then I remember this cute pint glass I got at Urban Outfitters last years. Now they are on my coffee table looking pretty. Let's just hope I don't knock them over tomorrow in a fit of clumsy.

On lack of blogging

Some of you might have noticed that I haven't been blogging much lately. You can mostly blame that on my day job. June and July were crazy busy and August is shaping up to be just the same. When I get home every night my brain is mush so I've been spending a lot of time just vegging on the sofa and watching tv (The Closer, Damages, Greek). All crafting has come to a standstill. Although I do have the pieces for a skirt cut out and on the dining room table so I still might get around to finishing it. Good thing the fabric is more suited for Fall wearing.

Anyway, that's what's going on here in Lazy Land.


How can they know that

The headline the goes with this photo on MSNBC says that the 7 legged hermaphrodie lamb is happy. Now how in the world can they know that? Can the poor lamb also speak? I think not. He's no Babe.