I like to win stuff...

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The Holy Grail

I am addicted to these tangerine whole fruit bars from Edy's (or Dryer's, depending which part of the country you're in). But apparently, this flavor is harder to find than ice in the desert. Sure, I can buy all the lime, grape or coconut flavor I want but it has become a quest to find the tangerine. Imagine how excited I was to buy the very last box at Super Target this past weekend?

Edy's website has a handy thing that will tell you which stores in your area have the tangerine flavor. Even better, I was able to sign up to get an email alert when the next shipment arrives at my store. How awesome is that?


Summertime Blues

I have them. Now that our big project has been turned in it's a waiting game to see if we get shortlisted and then awarded the job. In the meantime, all I want to do is veg out.

I don't feel like blogging, or reading blogs, or really anything that has to do with sitting in front of a computer.


Yet another reason

So this morning I had an appointment with a new dermatologist. Time for my annual skin check, dontcha know. Reason #4598 it sucks to be single and be new in town: who do I put down for my emergency contact? Now really, how many emergencies can there really be at the dermatologist's office, but still. I used to always put my dad down but if there is an emergency in North Carolina it won't do a lot of good for them to call Texas, will it?

Reason #9593 it sucks to be single: no one to check your moles in areas of your body that you can't see. So in addition to getting some moles on my face and leg sliced and diced the doctor suggests that the one one my ass get removed too, since I can't very well check it myself. Let me just say, it's kinda in a place where the sun don't shine. Good thing I checked that I need to be medicated before procedures. I hope they know I was serious because I only have half a Xanax left. I knew there was a good reason I've been hoarding it like it was a precious diamond.

In good news...I got to leave work at a normal hour today. Yay!
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Bodies were not meant to work 70 hours a week sitting in front a computer. Yesterday (that would be Saturday), I worked 8 hours straight, staring intensely at numbers and letters on the screen. The only movement, besides the scroll of the mouse wheel or the click of a button, was to reach for my Diet Coke or more chocolate. Repeat again today. Guess what happens tomorrow? Same thing. So, barring some fabulous news that we get the day off after our bid is turned in I will have worked 12 days straight. This does not amuse me.

Thankfully all my coworkers are cool or we would have all killed each other by now.


You know you're tired when...

you nearly take the dog out for her morning walk in just your bra, underwear and Crocs.

I was not meant to function on 4 hours sleep.


Facebook lies

This morning I took one of those silly quizzes on Facebook. "What Big 12 school are you?" Do you know what it told me? The University of Texas! That is just wrong on so so many levels. I suppose it could be worse....it could have said Oklahoma University. Maybe living in Austin for 10 years influenced my answers but if that were the case wouldn't growing up in Aggieland have done the same thing? Obviously, I am way over thinking this stupid Facebook quiz. Also, when I started college it was still the Southwest Conference and I've got a sweatshirt to prove it, so whatever.

One of my friends from college posted this awesome video the other day. Since there is a Chick-Fil-A on every corner here I thought it was extra funny.



Compose 2
Do you dream about work? We're working on a massive bid, under a tight deadline, and I've been dreaming about work. Let me tell you, cubicles....not so pleasant to dream about. My youngest coworker says she sleeps just fine and has no dreams. The rest of us, those of us that have been doing this for years, we know better. I told her just wait, her time will come. I'm not sure what is worse...nightmares about work and things that can actually go wrong or dreaming that I've forgotten the combination to my high school locker and my class schedule.

**Not a photo of the bid, but a past project in Austin that was much more fun to work on.


Party time! Excellent.

Yeah, that's right. I just dated myself. I wonder if my coworker, born in 1986, has even heard of Bill & Ted and their excellent adventure? Anyway....

My sister is coming to visit me! Yay!


Crossing my fingers

Finally, an offer has been made on my condo. It happened late Saturday night. I signed everything Monday morning and now it's just a matter of waiting. Please o please let selling the place go better than buying it did.

Now, to buy or not to buy in North Carolina...that is the question.

Say what?!