Fair Food!

Last night, Kristin, El Hombre and I went to the Texas state fair. Now, I'm not really a fair person. Playing games at the midway, well I'd have more fun putting my money through a shredder. But the food, that's what I go for.

Here are some of the foods we tasted:

Corny dogs (not pictured)
Fried onion strings
Fried onion strings
Frito pie (I've had better)
Frito pie
Dippin' Dots "Ice cream of the future" (how can it be of the future if it's been out for 20 years...also tastes not very good)
Ice cream of the Future
Roasted corn
mmmmm good

and finally

That's a lot of bacon

Just kidding!!

El Hombre also had a fried peanut butter & jelly with banana sandwich but I did not taste any of it. He'd eaten half by the time he walked back to our table and he was pretty testy about Kristin taking pictures of it for her blog.


  1. Fair food can't be beat. But I have to ask, from a non-Texan, what is Frito pie??

    I'm guessing Fritos, jalapenos, chilli and cheese? Don't the Fritos get soggy?

    Now that's a porker!

  2. oooooh looks so amazing! i love frito pie. haven't had one in ages.