Snow video

Time lapse snow video

How to enjoy the snow storm

Sadly, these are true but they crack me up anyway.

Stay home and watch the local TV meteorologists go crazy with happiness that they can report on this rare weather event.
Know that every station puts reporters out on the roads, in miserable weather, so they can explain what the snow looks like, as if none of us has ever seen snow, or as if, for some reason, we are locked inside our homes and can't see it for ourselves.
The reporters always bend down, pick up the snow (videographers get the closeup), and attempt to explain what the snow is like.
The stations will report on the snow for hours on end, all the while bragging about their extensive coverage, and reporters will get very tired of explaining what snow is and what it feels like.
This morning, one reporter said, "It's white and snowy."
One news anchor (an NC native) supplied viewers with a photograph of his boot print in the slushy snow. Quite the excitement ensued! He also said his boots were new, and he'd probably wear them for three days and never again. He is probably right.
Realize that some TV reporters do not quite have "snow" terminology down. In the past, we've heard reporters call snowflakes "snow drops." I've heard them say that the snow is "pouring," instead of "falling."


Lulu does not like. In fact, it totally confuses her. Where'd all that green stuff go? We've been on half a dozen walks so far because she just could not do her business. Finally, she did, thank goodness, and we could come back inside. Now she's zonked out on the bed and I've got a pot of soup on the stove and a book to curl up with.


Chairs on a brick wall

Like a hole in the head

I need to eat some brownies like I need a hole in the head but after seeing this post at Living with Lindsay I just had to make some.

The batter was delicious. Srsly. I could have eaten that straight up. In fact, I did.
Now I am waiting for them to finish cooking.

Aha! The timer dings.


Claustrophobia....I has it.

I have no other words.


I am very excited to tell you all that I am participating with Team in Training (TNT) to run/walk (mostly walk) the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego half marathon in June.

No, I have not lost my mind. Well, maybe just a little bit. But it's for a very good cause. Team in Training raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). My fundraising goal is $2900 and as soon as I have all the details I will post more info.

Our first training session starts this Saturday morning, bright and early, at 8am. The weather is predicting to be a lovely 34 degrees with a wintery mix. Yay!

And now I'm off to buy some wicking running clothes.

Edit: Here is a link to my pledge page TNT donation page

Scary exciting news.....

Stay tuned....


Furlough Day

Today is a furlough day for me. Miracle of all miracles, Lulu actually let me sleep until 9. Well, there was very quick trip outside around 6:30am, but I can do that with my eyes closed. So now I'm sitting here, half in my pajamas and half in my gym clothes, trying to work up the energy to take myself to the gym.

Then later, I'll probably run over to Whole Foods to buy some fresh basil so I can make some tomato-basil soup. I had it at a friend's house last weekend and I've been craving it ever since. Also, it needs to be blended and I got an immersion blender for Christmas that I need to break in.

And conveniently, the yarn shop is right next door to Whole Foods...and who doesn't need more yarn!

So I guess I better get a move on.


All in the family

My dad has joined the blogging world.
I can not wait to see what he has in store for us.


Happy Hour

I had the strangest dream this morning. I was at a happy hour with friends, one of which I'm pretty sure was Jim, from The Office, and we were having an awesome time getting drunk and toasting everyone. Only we weren't taking shots. Oh no. We were having tiny cupcakes. What?!


Another stupid tattoo

Seriously, to quote the movie Heathers
what is your damage?!


Princess and the Pea

My back is killing me. I need a new mattress. The one I have is 12 years old (?!?! I had to break out the calculator to figure that out) and the fact that it shakes when my 12 pound dog jumps on it should have clued me in.

So for the past few nights I have woken up in agony. Which means that I will be mattress shopping this weekend. Not exactly how I want to spend several hundred dollars. When I bought that mattress set I was selling furniture and was able to get the mattress at cost. Paying retail does not appeal to me at all.

But if it means I won't creak and have to stand under a blistering hot shower for 10 minutes every morning then spending the money will be worth it.


What The French Toast?!

I love this commercial so very much.

Turns out...

...that Eight Below might not be the best movie to watch when you are already the sensitive sort and are mourning the loss of a beloved 4 legged family member. Even the hotness of Paul Walker could not keep me from crying this afternoon as I watched adorable sled dogs fight for their lives after being stranded in Antarctica.

Click here for the trailer.


Good bye old friend

My sister's beloved dog, Gus, has died. Now don't tell Lulu I'm saying, but he was the best dog we've ever had. When I was home over Christmas, he slept with me every night. I'm going to miss him so much. We're all going to miss him. I really hope there is a dog heaven and that he's up there chasing squirrels.



Maybe it's just me, because I need a nap or something, but this video clip freaks me out a little. At first I'm all "ooooh cute monkeys" and then their little hands and faces start to make me think of zombies. I think it's when the little monkey goes face first into the jello. NOM NOM I WANT TO EAT YOUR BRAIN.

So maybe I shouldn't watch 28 Weeks Later, even though it's broad daylight now?


It's 21 degrees outside right now.
Ask me how much I want to go walk the dog right now.
Maybe enough to just let her pee on the carpet?
Gross! Just kidding.
(she probably already did in the middle of the night anyway but I won't find the spot for weeks because pee is sneaky like that)

Hell has frozen over

I just voluntarily watched an entire football game on television.

and I liked it!

There may have even been some yelling.

And possibly the hint of tears when Tech won.