Woof woof

Marking my calendar!

May 30th! It's a red letter day. Why? Sex and the City the movie opens!
Can. Not. Wait.


My Tomato

Let me show you it.

I bought this tomato at Whole Foods this morning to use on hamburgers later today. Do you know how much this fancy tomato cost me? FOUR DOLLARS. American! Not that funny Canadian money. It better taste good. I don't even really like raw tomatoes all that much.



I know I just got a new car last May but ever since my trip to London in 2004 I have wanted a smart car. And now they are available in the US! In Texas even!


You say it's your birthday!

Today at work we had our monthly birthday celebration. I like this day. It means cake. I like cake. Cake is good. Don't tell my trainer. Anyway. Today it was extra special because not only did we have miniature cupcakes (so tiny! so cute!) but we also had a pinata! If only I had not left my camera inside. Nothing like a bunch of grown adults scrambling around in the dirt for some half melted chocolate that they beat out of a papier mache watermelon. Still, it was fun.

This YouTube video that I found this afternoon seems so appropriate. It makes me laff alot. ha ha ha (sorry, must be all that dirt encrusted chocolate I snarfed down)


Always a bridesmaid.....

So my baby sister is getting married. It's so exciting! She and El Hombre (that's what she calls her boyfriend, I mean fiance, on the internets) have been dating for nearly 4 years. When they began Living in Sin last summer she told him he had a year to propose.

So one morning in January, while I was at work, he sent me an email. In it he said that he was going to propose and wanted my help finding out what kind of ring Kristin wanted. Oh my gosh! I was so excited that I practically shouted. Picture me all Home Alone style with my hands over my face. My coworkers thought something bad had happened because I could not speak with my crying tears of joy. But then I had to keep it secret for nearly two months! Do you know how hard that was?! I talk to my sister almost every day. It just killed me not to tell anyone.

El Hombre came up with a plan to have all of my sister's friends, our parents, El Hombre's parents, myself and the boyfriend present for the proposal. She had no idea that we were going to be there and once again it was so hard for me to not let it slip that I was going to be in Dallas that weekend.

Let me tell you that the look on her face when we walked in the door of the restaurant was worth it. I wish I'd had a video camera. It all happened so fast that we didn't get too many photos but here are a few:

I'm sure there will be more wedding related posts to come. We went wedding dress shopping last weekend. She's already bought it. It's beautiful. Now we've got to find the bridesmaids dresses. That should be fun. I'm 34. The other girls are like 26 or something. Yay. I feel old next to them.

Good Friday

I had the day off from work today in celebration of Good Friday. It was a really pretty day here and I totally wasted it. Instead of doing the many things I had planned I spent it doing laundry, watching Lost and Make Me a Supermodel and napping on the sofa. In my defense though, I had a migraine and life has been really busy lately. So busy that I didn't even hang my Easter wreath on the front door! Look how sad it is hanging the garage with the other out of season wreaths.


The Boyfriend bought a house. My sister got engaged (more on that from me in another post). Things at work are jumping. That takes a lot of energy and I am the Lazy you know.


Daylight Savings

squared circles - Clocks
Originally uploaded by Leo Reynolds
Am I crazy or is Daylight Savings Time really early this year? It starts on Sunday. So don't forget to change you clocks. I'm hoping the extra hour of daylight will help me become reinterested in blogging and crafting.


Memory Lane

When I was in college and living in the dorm my friends and I would go out every Friday and Saturday night to Studio C. It was one of the few dance clubs in Lubbock. There are probably more now but in 1991, not so many. Plus, being only 18 there weren't too many places we could go. But that was okay because we did all our drinking in the dorm before hand (sorry mom and dad, but it's true). One of the girls invented a drink called a tequila slammer, only it had vodka instead of tequila. Strange. I guess we drank what we could get and that vodka took the finish right off the school issued dorm furniture so you know it nasty. Anyway, my point to this story is that it was at Studio C that I first fell in love with techno music. I still love it today. Will I be 80 years, in the old folks' home, and still listening to it? Probably. I found a video (which could be seizure inducing so maybe close your eyes and imagine a dorky girl dancing around in glasses and grunge attire circa 1991) of one of my favorites. In fact, I still have it on my ipod and it makes excellent workout music.

Kind of Cool

Even though Kanye West is a little bit of an ass and a whiny baby, I like his music. This video is cool.