Wedding Dance

I really think that El Hombre should bust out moves like this at his and Kristin's wedding. Nice, don't you think?

The bride and groom are professional dancers. You can see a slide show of their wedding here. The photography, by Scott Robert Photography is AMAZING. Of course it helps when your subjects and scenery are both beautiful.


Unremarkable Numbskull

Today I finally had my follow up appointment with the neurologist. The results of my MRI....unremarkable. He made sure to tell me that was a good thing in terms of neurology and the brain. Just in case I hadn't figured that out already. He didn't really have any answers for me. I've been following his treatment plan: no caffeine, no OTC meds, no rx meds except for the topamax and maxalt (and I've only had one maxalt a week if I need it and just sucking it up the rest of the time). In fact, I've had intermittent headaches, at this point I hesitate to call them migraines (except for the one I had last week when I was in Canada. Then I wanted to die), since Sunday.

So he decided that I needed an occipital nerve block. Yes, let's do that. Let's numb my skull up so I can drive home in rush hour traffic! That will be fabulous. Oh what's that you say? My insurance won't cover it? Even better! Just add it to the MRI bill. Anyway, so the right side of my head got shot up with lidocaine and 2 other drugs. I go back next week to get the left side done. The back of my head doesn't hurt but that is never the major source of pain. The temples, where I would like to drill a hole to drain the pressure, still throb. I would cry but that makes it worse.

Better than....


Thursday was the monthly birthday celebration at work and I was in charge of bringing the treat so I decided to bring the infamous Better Than Sex dessert. Everyone loved it but it wasn't as delicious to me as I remembered from my childhood. Of course, I forgot the leftovers at the office so I can't have another taste just to make sure.


Long Awaited Canada Post

You were all holding your breath, weren't you?

First, I must apologize for the sucky photos. That happens when you have to use a disposable camera because you remembered the pack the digital camera but left its battery at home, sitting on the bathroom counter where you left it after unplugging it from the charger.

I went to Calgary to attend a week of training for my job. It was interesting and I learned so much. They sent us home with so much material that my suitcase was nearly over the limit. It weighed 40 lbs on the way there and 49.8 on the way back! Besides learning product knowledge, it was also great to learn that I am not the only one dealing the stresses and messes that I have at work. The 8 other people in my training do as well! Every car ride and lunch turned into one long bitch session...if we weren't comparing annoying things salespeople do it was complaining about our installers losing things or crazy client requests. It was nice to talk to people who get it! I didn't have to explain any shorthand or acronyms. We all spoke the same strange furniture language.

The weather was just awesome. Believe me, coming from 100 degrees, I was loving the highs of 75 and the cool, crisp mornings. It was strange for the sun to not start setting until after 10pm though and with the sun coming up again around 4:30am I wasn't able to catch up on my sleep as much as I had hoped. I took this photo in Banff around 10pm.

Another mountain

Here are some more photos of Banff. Let me tell you that these photos do not do it justice at all. Seriously, we were all gasping at how beautiful the mountains were on the drive up there. Someone told me that the Banff Springs hotel was one of the locations to film The Shining. I don't know if that's true and my Google fingers haven't help me find any truth to that but it sure looks like it could be! We only walked through the lobby but it was beautiful.



Banff Springs

And finally, here's me in Canada.

Me again


Ring a ding

One evening after a long day of training we decided that it would be a good idea to drive to Banff. It was only 90 minutes away and since it didn't get dark until 11pm, why not? It was beautiful. Photos soon, I swear. Anyway, while there I found this cute ring there and just had to have it. That's coconut and bamboo inlay.



I have returned!

I'm back from Canada. I miss the cooler weather already. Photos and posts about the trip to come later.


Happy Anniversary


Not only is today Father's day but on this day in 1968 my parents got married in the same small town they now reside in the same church they now attend every week. It's funny how things come full circle. I wish I was able to scan their wedding photos because my mother was a beautiful bride and my dad was very handsome. Happy 40th Mom and Dad!

The photo above was taken in 1979. I believe my mother is pregnant with my sister in this photo. I was 6. This next photo was taken shortly after my sister was born, so probably in December of 1979. Dig that groovy sofa. Also, I'm wearing my favorite t-shirt which features the Storm Troopers. I wanted marry one.

Me holding Kristin, 1979

Father's Day

Happy Father's day, Daddy. I love you!


So much fun

Here's one dog that knows how to stay cool and have fun!



My friend Michele has kittens. They are adorable. It's a good thing that she is in Houston and that I am in Austin because these kittens are up for adoption. Michele is a one woman wonder, working to end feline over population by spaying and neutering the wild cats/kittens that roam her neighborhood. Of course she can't catch them all and these cute kittens are the result. Don't you want one? Let me know and I'll hook you up.

Em's kittens

Em's kittens


Albino Dachshund

I ran across this video about an albino Dachshund named Sylar on The Long and Short of It All. He's just like any other Dachshund, only he's all white with blue eyes and a pink nose. Also, I love the music used in the video.


Somebody doesn't know their animals very well, do they?

more funny fail pictures at FAIL Blog



Fail Dogs, you always succeed in cracking me up.

O Canada!

Later this month I am going to spend a week in Calgary. I wish it were for fun, but no, it's for work. At least I get my own hotel room. When I first was told about the trip I was also told that I was going to have to share a room with 2 other women. Two other women that are complete strangers to me. They also work for the same company I do, just in different cities. But I said hell to the no on that and managed to get my own room.

It could be worse. Two of my coworkers are going to NeoCon next week and not only are they sharing a room but last I heard they have to share a bed too! You know, I like most of my coworkers but I don't like any of them that much.