Today's bizarre dream

I have strange, very real dreams. This morning's was no different. Most of the people in my dream are people I know; locations are almost always somewhere I have been before. It's all very surreal.

This morning I had a dream that started as one thing--Kristin getting married and never seeing her again (the groom was not El Hombre)--and the morphed into a recurring dream.

In the recurring dream, I have to move out of my apartment and I never have enough boxes or have finished moving before the deadline. I need to remember to ask my therapist about that because it's a dream I've had several times over the last year.

Previous recurring dreams include: teeth crumbling into chalk and falling out (that one got heavy rotation during my last semesters of college), going to school with no pants on, forgetting my class schedule and not knowing where to go and not being able to get my locker open. Those are all typical stress dreams.

If you have any strange dreams often, I'd love to hear about them. Maybe it will give my subconcious a new story.

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