Perhaps I should have waited a bit longer for a new car? Honda is developing a new car specifically for dog owners. Check out the glove compartment crate! Somehow I don't really see Lulu going for that.


Often quoted

This little bit from the Simpsons is often quoted around the Lazy household. So much so that my dad has even been known to say "smart s-m-r-t" and he doesn't even watch the show!




For the last week or so I have been trying to catch up on some sewing projects that have been in the works for, seriously, the last year. My least favorite part of a sewing project is the pinning and cutting out of the pattern. I just hate that part. Well tonight I finally got this bag all cut out (yeah, yeah, it has taken me over a year) and I was ready to start sewing.

And then I was stuck. Because I can not figure out the first step. It's like I've forgotten how to read! Here are the instructions:

Apply the fusible interfacing to two band sections, following manufacturer's directions. With the right sides together, stitch the two interfaced band sections together along notched ends. The remaining two bands will be referred to as facing.

Below is the picture that goes with the instruction

OOOoooooh....I think I just figured it out. My interfacing is not fusible and I was getting confused. Dur. Let's blame it on the Topamax (one of the side effects can be mental confusion). But you know what, I don't even like this fabric anymore, so maybe it's time to move on to something fun. I'm an adult. I'm allowed to not finish what I start.


What I do

This is what I do all day long....design things like things. Most of the time they are not as fun to work on as this project.
Compose in Canvas


It's not gonna be pretty....

A summer without Project Runway is what....According to the guys over at Project Rungay , season 4 isn't going to start airing until December. DECEMBER! That's 6 months from now. *sob* I need my fashion, dammit!

Oh No He Din't!

I like my Crocs....the first time I ever saw them I thought they were hideous. But they're comfy and they've grown on me. But this.....this might make me have to stop wearing them. If only until January 2009.


This took longer than a baby

So remember that quilt I started last summer? Well I finally got around to sewing the borders on yesterday. Seriously, I did not even cut out the borders until yesterday. It took like 5 minutes. Why did I wait 340 days to do that?! Now it just needs to actually be quilted and I promise that it won't take another year.

Quilt top

Also, just so you know how much I suffer for you people, in the 45 seconds it took me to take this photo I was attacked by mosquitoes and it's a miracle I made it back inside alive.



For several days now I've been having problems with my 5th gen 30 GB ipod (that would be the 5th generation, 30 gig video ipod for those of you not in the know). Nearly every day at work, I put the buds in my ears and tune in to tune out the rest of the office. You can imagine just how unhappy I was to see the sad mac make an appearance on my iPod screen right before it went black and made scary clicking noises.

So this evening, I took myself and my iPod over to the Apple store at the Domain and one of the genius guys is hooking me up with a new battery. Not for free, unfortunately, but at a very reasonable price. Of course, I am not happy that this battery, which is only 18 months old has failed but from what I've found online this is not unusual with the 5th gens. I should have gotten a nano. Anyway, they didn't have any batteries in stock (hmmm, wonder why) but I left the iPod with them and it should be fixed in 48 hours. I hope so! Good thing I've still got my little blue Shuffle.


The bulb that wouldn't die

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Another view, just because it's pretty. And pink.

Gardening the Lazy way

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Several months ago I bought 3 caladium plants to put in a planter by my front door. It just happened to be the weekend of a freak cold snap and after some time it looked like two of the bulbs had died and turned to mush. So, because and I am the Lazy, I plucked the bulbs out and tossed them on the ground, figuring they'd blend in with all the rest of the weeds and dirt.

Well lookee what decided it wasn't dead after all? Isn't that great?! Sometimes good things do happen when you get lazy and sloppy.


You're Invited

I'm throwing a party and you're all invited. What kind of party? A pity party!

Pity because:

~I can no longer drink carbonated beverages due to taking Topamax (for my headaches). It makes them taste flat and funky. Of course, I didn't realize this was an issue until after I bought two boxes of diet Coke and diet Dr. Pepper. This might go away in a few weeks but it might not.

~I'm in between clothing sizes, so all my pants are too big and the next size down is too small.

~All my shoes hurt my feet. Even the gold plated trainers I purchased last weekend. Thank goodness I bought them at Nordstroms, who took them back without question. All I want is shoes that aren't ugly and won't hurt my feet. So far, if they don't hurt my feet they are ugly and, to make it even worse, they are often very expensive.