So far my weekend plans have been scrapped. I am still sick. I've been sick since last Saturday night. My head feels like it is going to explode. Is it a migraine or is it from the cold? I don't know! Dare I take a pill? My new insurance company will only give me 4 every 30 days. But hey, at least I don't feel like puking anymore.
Although, that is very handy for the diet. I haven't been this thin since I was 14.


Weekend plans

See a movie.

Lounge by the pool

Begin studying for the NCIDQ.

Maybe some yard work.
If I get around to it.



In less than an hour the season finale of Lost starts. Can. Not. Wait!

This is one of my new favorite songs. It rocks. Play it loud.

Also, George Clooney is single once again. George, call me!


I don't think so

Growing up there was a dessert that my mom often made that was so good but yet so scandalous. Why? The name. It was called the Better Than Sex dessert. She got the name from a woman at church so you can see why it might be considered racy.

The other day I was flipping through the May 2008 issue of Cooking Light when I came upon a photo and recipe that looked very similar to her recipe. Sure enough, it's basically the same recipe, only lightened up. They're calling it Cool, Creamy Chocolate Dessert. Probably reaches a broader audience that way. But this morning, as I was quickly reading some blogs before work, I stumbled upon the recipe again and at that blogger's house it's called Sex in a Pan!

So, in summary, a lot of people equate chocolate pudding and cool whip dessert concoctions to be equal and/or better than sex.



What better way to spend a long weekend than to see movies? This weekend I saw two. Priceless and Young at Heart. I recommend both.

Priceless is a French film (so put your reading glasses on, it's subtitled) that stars Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh. It's cute and makes me want to move to the French Riveria and take up smoking and scooter riding. Or something like that.

Young at Heart is a documentary about a senior citizens chorus that sings covers of songs by the Ramones, James Brown and Coldplay just to name a few. You might have seen clips of them on YouTube. That's where I first heard of them. From the very start of the film I had a smile on my face. I laughed and I cried. Even if you don't go see the movie, at least watch this clip. It's the one that made me cry.

Here's a clip of the Young at Heart singers performing recently on Ellen DeGeneres' show, doing some James Brown and Outkast.

Google maps

Google maps is pretty cool, specially the street view feature. At my address I can see kids walking to school. I ran across this on Fail Dogs today:

You can even view it from different angles. The internet. It is a powerful tool.

Late to the party

So I'm a little behind the times. I've only recently discovered that I can sell my stuff on eBay. I had some extra clothes that I'd shrunk out of that I didn't want to just take over to Goodwill. They were nice skirts and I was bummed that they were too big, but not bummed enough to take them in I guess, so I thought I'd try to make some money off of them. And I did! Okay, so maybe I only got a dollar for one of them, but I did charge a little extra for the shipping so it's all good. If only I'd thought of that before I took 8 huge bags of clothes to Goodwill last December!

Now I'm looking around my house all the time to see what else I can sell off. And I'm not the only one. I heard a news story the other day that postings on items for sale on Craigslist are up 70% because there is no fee to post on CL. There are fees on eBay.

Since I've sold off all the clothes I'm starting to dip into the fabric stash, as all crafting has come to a screeching halt. Last week I sold some rubber stamps. Yarn might be next. You can check out what I've got for sale by clicking on the little ebay logo or searching for my ebay user name: tagey.

My items on eBay


The best of YouTube...

rolled all into one.


My appointment with the new headache doctor went well yesterday. No more Advil. Ever. Fine, I can deal with that. I'd already given up all other over the counter pain relievers and was working on taking little to no Advil. Which probably explains why I wanted to die earlier this week--I wasn't taken any pain meds at all. And that leads to the next step....I am to only use 1 rx med up to twice a week only. Basically, despite my best efforts to not over medicate the doctor suspects that I'm getting rebound headaches in addition to the migraines. So we have to eliminate the rebounds first.

Now here's the hardest part....no more caffeine! Oh noes! How will I face the day without a Diet Coke every morning?! It's not like I drink much soda....only 1 or 2 a day but that could be enough to cause the migraines. I had a friend in junior high whose mother went through 3 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke every day. Imagine what her insides looked like? (she wasn't a very nice person altogether but I don't suppose that was the Diet Coke's fault).

Anyway. Just to be safe I'm having an MRI on Wednesday. With contrast. Wheeeee! They're going to light up my brain. So we can see just how little of it I use. Ha ha ha ha.

Kitty Wig

Sounds like a great band name, right? Why on earth would you spend your money on this?


My day...

Went a little bit like this

see more dog pictures

This afternoon, during the hottest part of the day, I was was on a construction site wearing a hard hat. Riding in the temporary freight elevator made me wonder if I had enough life insurance and how much fighting my family would do over Lulu if a chunk of cement fell on me.

Good Thing

One good thing did happen at work today. We had a product rep from Stylex Seating come in to give us a talk about their products. They have some new lounge seating that is fantastic. I want it bad. Like a fat kid wants cake. My favorite is the Paz. It reminds me of the Saarinen chair or the Eames molded plastic chair.




Love it

song chart memes
more graph humor and song chart memes

Just kill me now

Just get it over with. I've just gotten home from another 12 hour day. 8am-7:30pm straight through is bad enough but when you've got a migraine it's about triple that. I've had an entire week of it.

As for the migraines, well I've had months of those. I've been keeping track of the frequency, the pain level, what meds work and what don't (uhm all of them) and tomorrow I'm seeing a new doctor. If he can't help me I might just jump off the Pennybacker bridge. Hopefully he will have better bedside manner than my last doctor.


What the hell?!

No. Seriously. What the hell is going on in CSI land? I haven't seen the season finale for CSI:NY yet but I swear if it ends with a main cast member getting shot... I might just lose my mind.

I had not seen any promos since it's been all CSI:Miami all the time at my house for the past 6 months (yes, I have issues, I'm aware). So when Warrick got shot in the neck...OH MY GOD! I am not kidding you when I say that I shouted and jumped up off the sofa. I was frantically looking for my phone so I could call my sister to ask her if she'd seen it. I always knew that under sherriff was going to be evil in the end.

It was a good hour of tv (well, really only about 43 minutes since I was watching it from the dvr) that took my mind off the dark and twisty that has otherwise been my week.


Mini Me

Big dog little dog

Lulu is sitting next to Spencer, a standard long haired Dachshund, who is also a rescue from Central Texas Dachshund Rescue. We met while waiting for the Mighty Texas Dog walk to start this morning. Doesn't Lulu look tiny next to him?


Happy Birthday!

2008 marks the 40th birthday of the office cubicle. You would think we would celebrate this fact at my office because without such a creation our jobs would not exist (in case you don't know I design office systems. That sounds nicer than cubicles doesn't it?) but we have no cake and I feel like that youtube kitty. I would tell you about the company that is credited with be the creater of the cubicle but frankly, they are our competitor so I'm not going to. Google it if you must.

In 2001 Dilbert creater Scott Adams teamed up with IDEO.com to design Dilbert's perfect cubicle. You can read the article from CNN here.

People really hate cubes/cubicles/OOLs(I hear this one a lot from government agency employees. I think it means open office layouts?). Apparently, I'm just strange enough to like them. There are days when I would really like to be able to go into my own office and shut the door but for the most part I am able to zone out and ignore what is going on around me. I get in a zone, click click clicking away. Just me and my mouse...designing more cubicles for you to enjoy.

I stumbled upon My Life in a Cube, which is a blog of cartoons about what else, life in a cube. Funny stuff. I can totally relate to this one. Some days I have to break out my fingerless "hobo" gloves.

Like old times

This lolcat made me think of my dad and how mad he would get if any of us (including my mom) touched the thermostat when I was growing. I could not wait to grow up and get my own place so I could set that thing at whatever temperature I wanted!

more cat pictures


Mean people suck

This morning I was listening to the same morning show that I always listen to, trying to win tickets to the premiere of Sex and the City, when a woman called in and told a story that nearly made me cry. A local woman's dog was attacked by 3 pitbulls that jumped out of a car as she and her dog were walking into a Petsmart. Here's a video that one of the local news stations ran.


All Good Things Must Come to an End

Today there was a sad moment when I realized that there are only 4 episodes of CSI:Miami left on my dvr. But I know that I missed several from the 2006-2007 season and the beginning of this season so I will have to re-activate my Netflix account and order up me some Horatio.

In the mean time, I can always count on YouTube to provide me with a laugh. Seriously, the opening line cracks me up every time. It's become a game now, with myself, to predict just want corny thing Horatio Caine is going to say as he puts on his sunglasses.

Wouldn't it be funny....

if Kristin's wedding turned out looking like this?

kristin's wedding

Hmmm, no, not so much?

So over the weekend my mom and I went to San Antonio. The main reason we went was to see The Body exhibit. After seeing it I really do not want to eat chicken again for a long time. We did a lot of walking around the Riverwalk area. Saw the Alamo. wooo exciting.

shiny pinatas




First....where is my damn Martha Stewart Living?! I keep seeing it in the store, with Martha's serene smile staring back at me. Taunting me. But nooooo. No magazine for me! I even went to the website and filled out the form that you're supposed to fill out when your magazine doesn't come. It's bad enough that she yanked Blueprint but now this? Martha, you disappoint me.

Second....you know how sometimes you have to deal with people, who are shall we say, not so smart? But you keep hoping that it's just a fluke? That they'll snap out of it? Yet they never do? So who's the dumb one then? This is when I chant my new inner mantra "scowling makes wrinkles. scowling makes wrinkles. scowling makes wrinkles."

Third....going to the gym for my workout at noon instead of after work? What was I thinking? Longest "lunch" ever! Not to mention, I was staaaaaaaarving and it's really hard to do lunges and crunches and whatever other torture the trainer is throwing at you after you've already done 20 minutes of intense cardio. Then I had to go home to totally re-do my whole morning routine. Trust me, I was not about to shower at the gym. That's totally ick. The communal bathroom thing...I left that in the college dorm, thank you very much.

And finally, I have not had a decent night's sleep in nearly two weeks. I would just like to have one night uninterrupted by dreams about work or the NCIDQ (it's too soon for those to start!) or Lulu barking her fool head off at 4am because some cat or possum dared to walk in her yard!


That silly dog

Gus is my sister's dog and he's a big goof. When she adopted him she lived with 3 other girls. One of them, who we call Smallz, was also Kristin's roommate when they lived in Austin. So Gus likes her alot. Specially if she's got a beer in her hand. He's been known to lick the bottle because he thinks if he licks it you'll give it to him (why not, it works with food?)

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


My sympathies

Some days, I really need some cake too

Mighty Texas Dog Walk

It's nearly time again for the Mighty Texas Dog Walk. Lulu and I participated last year and it was a lot of fun. The t-shirt is much cuter this year too. The purpose of the walk is not only to try and break the world record for the largest dog walk but also to raise money for the Texas Hearing and Service Dogs. They have a blog if you want to learn more about the organization and there is a post about last year's walk.

Can't Sleep

All week I have been waking up at random times through out the night. Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to sleeping in this morning. Guess what time it is? 7:10 am. Guess what time I woke up? 6:30am. Yay.


Say what?!

Listen up. I love me some fried pickles (slices though, not the spears). Serve 'em up with a side of ranch dressing and you've got the ultimate PMS food. Especially if you're chasing them with an ice cold milk shake.

But this....this Pickle Sickle. That's an abomination. No wonder people in the rest of the country think Texans are strange.


Maybe I've been watching too much CSI:Miami

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

but this srsly cracked me up

Happy May Day!

That Martha, she thinks of everything. So pretty. These are my favorite flowers.

There's a whole group on Flickr dedicated to Ranunculus! Of course there is! You can find anything on Flickr!