It's here!

After checking the front door every day, my Garrett's popcorn has arrived! I'm so excited. It's so yummy. It's so cheesy and caramelly and delicious! Fortunately, it is very rich so it will last a fair amount of time. Which is good, because although it was cheaper than a flight to Chigaco, it's not like I spend $34 on popcorn every day.

I am also reminded of a story about my parents and a tin of Fritos. Twice during the 70s, my parents lived in Germany. At some point while living there my parents came into a possession of a tin of Fritos. In case you're not familiar with Fritos, they are a corn chip. A very popular corn chip in the South. And also very difficult to get in Germany in 1971. Every morning my dad would open the tin up and mark the level of the chips on the inside with a marker. This was so he would know if my mom was eating some without him.

If Lulu had thumbs, I'd probably do the same thing to this tin because she loves popcorn and already whinned at me to toss her a kernal (which I did not). I'm waiting to have more until watching Grey's Anatomy tonight.

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