Not really, but yes really. See, my sister (who is totally awesome *kisskiss*) gave me her old computer since she upgraded to a Mac. Over the weekend, since she was in town for ACL, she moved everything over for me. Including the iTunes. Here's where the tragedy comes in.

Because she had tons of music on her computer and I wanted to keep it, some finagling had to be done. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth (and xanax too...hey, I'm under some stress here) I've got all the music set up. But it didn't transfer my play lists! Do you know how long it's taken me to craft those things? Years!


I still have them set up on the old computer so maybe next week, when I have time, I will painstakingly write down every song on every playlist so that I can re-create them. Or maybe I will live dangerously and free and not do that.

Right now I have two computers networked to each other with a big mess of cables and stuff under my desk. It makes me want to clean and ya'll know I don't like to clean.

And I want to get everything set up on the computer so it's perfect, just how I want to it. Do I have time for that? No, I do not. Frankly, I shouldn't even be posting this blog right now. I should have my nose in the books, studying like mad.


Dear Diary

I'm turning 35 on Wednesday. So not excited about this. You know what would make me excited? Beautiful expensive material possessions. Like this necklace from the Sundance Catalog jewelry line:

Or these Biala shoes:

Or new bedding from Pottery Barn. For a while I hated everything in their catalog but lately they've had some really good stuff. Someday I might actually be able to make a decision and decorate my bedroom.

ooooh! A relaxing tropical vacation...after hurricane season is over, of course.

But what would really make me excited....for this next week to be over already. I am so tired of the NCIDQ looming over my head. I'm looking forward to next Sunday so much. No more worrying about studying. I can lounge on my sofa guilt free! I can pick up my knitting again! I can find something new to stress out about!

ps....I'd still take that vacation though.


You know you're sick when...

it's the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy and you're too tired to watch it. Thank god for the dvr.

Apparently, ABC is having "National Stay at Home Week". Like I need a reason to stay home and watch tv. It's a miracle my skin hasn't grafted into the sofa by now. Hmmm, well I do have a leather sofa. I bet that helps some. Harder for the skin to grab hold.

I am so strange.


What was I thinking

I don't even remember writing last night's blog post. So, no more popping an ambien and then blogging for me. Who knows what kind of crazy confessions I might make!

Today I saw the dermatologist. You'll all be so relieved to know that I'm going to live. The mole is nothing but a "red spot". Hmmm, okay but it's still gross. He zapped a bunch of spots on my shoulders with liquid nitrogen (oh the burning), told me I have dandruff (gee thanks), and gave me an rx for some face wash so I can have beautiful skin again.

This evening I went to my little research focus group thing. Guess what it was on? Just guess! The iPhone and what kind of information we'd like to be able to access from it. Too bad there weren't actual iPhones to play with. That would have been awesome.


Blogging under the influence

first let me apologize for the randomness of this post. You see, about 10 minutes ago, I took my first ambien. I'm feel a little bit like I drank too many margaritas, only with out the acid reflux (damn getting old suxs).

Okay gotta make this fast, the words are getting blurry. Side affects of this medication may make do inappropriate things like sleep driving (HIDE THE KEYS), making and eating food, making phone calls and having sex. Sounds to me like one big house party. WHATCHOUT

as I can no longer really see what I'm typing I should probably just brush teeth and plop into bed,

PS....Lulu got sprayed by a skunk last night while visiting my parens. Glad they are dealing with the destinking and not me.

PPS....aren't those flowers pretty? my brithday is coming up. maybe i've mentioned it? It's on Wednesday October 1st. The most wonderful day in teh world. everyone should love me on that day.


A dog in love

The music totally makes this video. My hat is off to its maker.


This can't be good

For a few years now I've had this little pink mole* on the side of my leg. I always hated it and wanted it removed but my doctor said it wasn't any big deal. I tried to ignore it. But sometimes I would touch it, just a little, to make sure it was still there (why yes, I am strange). So the other day I noticed that I couldn't feel it! What?! Where did it go?! I looked in the mirror and it was no longer pink. It had turned a darker color. And it was no longer raised! And it kinda hurts. This is not good. Not good at all.

It just so happens that I already had an appointment set up with the dermatologist next week for my yearly mole check anyway. I think my body knows and is fighting me because along with this mole thing I also have developed some kind of funky rash on my neck (which my friend so helpfully pointed out to me during lunch) and acne on my forehead. How can I have wrinkles and acne at the same time? Not right.

*yes, that is my mole and no, you don't want to know how much I had to contort to take that photo. Lulu was not amused that I spent 10 minutes trying to get a photo instead of feeding her dinner.



One dog bone.
Reward: a million licks.
If found, please contact Lulu.


Somehow, Lulu has misplaced her most precious bone. I have looked every where. Under the bed, the coffee table, the entertainment center. Even the backyard, just in case she took it out there from some crazy reason. She misses it. I miss it too because instead of gnawing on it quietly tonight, she took every single squeeky stuffed toy out of her bucket and "killed" each one of them. LOUDLY.

I could have died....

Okay, perhaps I am exaggerating just a bit but I do live in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood and yesterday I just could not take the loud car stereo any longer. For over an hour it had been pulsating. I could hear it in my home, over the hum of the a/c and the television and it was about to drive me insane. So I went outside and walked past 3 homes and halfway down the parking lot of the apartment complex that sits next to my condo development. There was the offending vehicle. A dark blue pick up truck. Windows down, teenagers milling about.

At least the boy had the courtesy to fully turn off the stereo when I walked up to his window and said in my best mom voice "excuse me". I then told him that if he did not keep it turned down I was calling the police. Punk ass kids.

This is not the first time I've had to confront them about the music and I expect it won't be the last. I sort of get a kick out of it. But that is probably something someone could get knifed or shot at over.

more animals

oh...guess what I hear now.....I don't really want to call 911 to report the loud music but if I call 311 they're just going to patch me over


Color Me Beautiful

Over on How About Orange today there is a link to Colorstrology, which links a Pantone color to your birthdate. My color is Purple Heather 14-3911 and apparently I am a leader, organizer and decision maker. Organizer, yes. Decision maker, most of the time....just not when faced with a new and delicious menu of foods. Leader, not so sure about that one. Does your color match you?


Anything for a buck

well almost....a couple of weeks ago I spent 20 minutes on the phone with some guy answering questions about my tv watching habits and then because he said I would get cash money in the mail I let him send me more surveys to fill out. Yes, for six whole dollars I agreed to track what tv shows I watched for a week. The joke was on him though because that was the week the Olympics were on and I dvr'd a lot of things but watched very little.

Last week I got a call from a local market research place. I was disqualified right away because I sell furniture. Technically, I personally do not sell it, but I've sold it in the past and the company I work for now sells it. So I have no idea what that was for.

Tonight I got another and was nearly disqualified again! This time because a relative works for an internet service provider. Maybe I just shouldn't explain so much? See my dad had this company....but now he's retired...so does that count? I guess they figured it's cool because they kept asking me questions about my cell phone ("you use it to make calls?" uhm yes lady, I'm speaking on it now), how often I'm on the internet, etc. So in a couple of weeks I'm going to sit in a room full of strangers for two hours and talk about my internet usage. One of my favorite topics! And I'll make $125 in CASH. Maybe they will give me an iPhone. That would be totally excellent (yes, I'm trying to bring back 80s slang. work with me)


Monday Morning

You know the day, possibly the week even, is getting off to a bad start when you pour a big bowl of your favorite cereal and don't realize there isn't enough milk until after you've already poured the milk over the cereal. So only about 1/4 of my cereal is wet. Damp wheat chex. Breakfast of healthy slackers.


It's that time of year again

A time of year I hate.....football season. Blech. So my Facebook profile is getting inundated with "wave requests" from my friends to show support for our college team. Yeah, whatever. But dogging on another team, I can go for that. Specially if it means hating on the Texas Longhorns. I ran across this little graphic and it cheered me right up.




Lulu loves my boyfriend. More than she loves me. She goes NUTS when he comes over. Someday, I will get video of it and you will laugh. Oh my god, you will laugh. Anyway, the other night she was extra loving with him and spent several minutes snuggling in his lap.

crazy eyes

Wiggle worm

Watchin' tv

Then she had enough, of both the loving and the photo taking, and went back to her spot in front of the window to protect us from any possums that may decide to lurk along the fence.