Senior picture
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I thought y'all might get a kick out of my senior photo. It was taken in July of 1990--I graduated in 1991--and that is me looking tan. If there is one thing I'm vain about, it's my hair. The amount of time I wasted getting those giant bangs juuuuuuuust right. On days when I wanted my hair to look really good, I would ask my mom to blow dry it. This was in the days before flat irons were really popular and she could make my hair smooth as glass.

My bushy eyebrows crack me up. I even plucked back then, so imagine how they really could be! Also, my eyes are not brown (yes, even when I'm full of bullshit). All through high school I wore brown tinted contact lenses. Who does that? Most girls want blue or green eyes. I was so strange.


Really. I'm not any more.

Well not so much anyway.


Childhood memories

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This is one of my favorite childhood photos. Don't Kristin and I look cute? I'm sure that I did something awful, like pinch her, 3 seconds after this photo was taken, but in that moment we look cute together. Judging from my haircut and Stormtroopers t-shirt and Kristin's being a baby, I'd say it was taken in 1980. I got my t-shirt at the mall, at one of those shops where you could choose your iron on. If I could have I would have married a Stormtrooper at that point. Don't ask me why, but I fould those white plastic muscled dudes hot. Or at least as hot as a 6 year old is able to find someone. I also had a huuuuuge crush on Luke Skywalker and just could not understand why my mom found Han Solo to be attractive. Several years later I changed my stance because blonde guys no longer had the same appeal.

Spring time approaches

bunny ears
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Last week I was thinking to myself that Lulu would look super cute in bunny ears. The next day I was at Petco buying dog food when I found these ears. How could I not buy them?! She tolerates them better than the frog hat or the reindeer antlers.

Dilemma Update

Just in case ya'll were holding your breath (which I hope you weren't or you'd be dead by now) a decision regarding whether or not to relocate has been made. I'm staying put in Austin. Yay!


Good Thing

Once again, Martha Stewart is a genius. Well, I think Kodak has a lot to do with this idea. Photo stickers! How cute. I am thinking that I need to have some Lulu ones made up quick.

Lulu Painting

Lulu Painting
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When I first began reading blogs, Lori Joy's was one of the first I found. Her artwork has always appealed to me and now I'm going to own my very own piece! Isn't it cute? I can't wait to get it. Now I wonder where to hang it.....


Flattery will get you 30

30 minutes of sweat making on the elliptical, that is. Tonight was my first meeting with my trainer, J, and he told me there was no way I looked 33. More like 19 he said. That man knows how to get this chick into working out. (oh btw, K, he asked about you...but he's all mine now...muahahahaha!). Seriously, he has the most amazing biceps that I could not help but stare at. However, I think he shaves his arms.

So anyway, now I'm all pumped up to work out and eat right. We'll see how long that lasts. He wants me to eat 3 apples a day. Seriously. The only kind of apples I like come in pie. Thank god he laughed at that joke because my last trainer, the one that wanted to open a gym on Mars (seriously) did not find it funny.

Okay, so now I'm going to take the Target gift cart I got for Christmas and treat myself to a new iPod Shuffle. I know I already have the 30gig, but it's too big to bounce around with at the gym. Too bad I still don't have my mini (someone stole it off my desk at work). My mini was green. My 30gig is white. What color shuffle to get?! I'm thinking the turquoise.


Wax on. Wax off.

Hairy leg
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Since tomorrow is my first meeting with the personal trainer, I thought it might finally be time to wax. Yeah, so that was a total pain. And by pain I don't mean from ripping the hairs out of my flesh. That didn't really hurt all that much. But it's a total mess with the heating of the wax and given my level of clumsiness, well it's just a disaster waiting to happen. I got about 1/2 of one leg done, mostly the front, before I gave up.

So now I can either be hairily lopsided or shave. I'm going with the second option. By the way, the photo looks pretty cool if you click on it and view large.

Dachsund Love

Something I just remembered, as I once again browsed Etsy & Ebay for Dachshund items, is that I wrote my very first research paper, in 7th grade, on Dachshunds. I think that Dachshunds will always be the dogs for me. The first doxie came to my family in 1978 or 79. It was before my sister was born and I was either in kindergarten or first grade. Her name was Duffy and she was a red short hair. I only have one photo of her and it was taken her last Christmas, in 1988, so she's pretty gray around the muzzle. Duffy was a good dog and even thwarted burglary one night in the winter of 1982.

Anyway, that's enough of my rambling for tonight. Time to go take some headache meds (I feel a migraine coming on) and go to bed.


Weekend Report

On Saturday night, I went downtown to Cuba Libre to meet up with 2 complete strangers. Those of you that really know me, know that this is no easy task. But I am determined to live less of a hermit life and get out there and meet new people and do fun things. One of the women, T, had posted an ad on Craigslist looking to make new friends. She sounded pretty cool so I figured why the hell not. But when she emailed me asking me to meet up I started to waiver. While I was trying to decide how to respond, I cruised on over to see what Crazy Aunt Purl had to say. One of her posts had this very wise gem:
"Suit up, show up and act as if."
Otherwise known as "fake it till you make it" (not that kind of faking! you dirty bird). So I did. I suited up (jeans, t-shirt, jacket that would make Stacey & Clinton proud), showed up (after driving around for 10 minutes trying to figure out where to park downtown), and acted as if (I just started making convo with the bartender and then the women). And y'know what? Nothing bad happened. No one laughed at me. They laughed WITH me. It was cool. I'm glad I went.

Lulu was kind of sad that I left her at home and spent most of the day moping in one of her favorite spots.



static 2
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This is what happens when you have a leather sofa in the winter!



It's Friday y'all! (Pretend you just heard me drawl that out).

Anyway, I had to pop in from work to post because something just really cracked me up. I'm jammin' the iPod while trying to draw a million little pieces of office cubicles and the song "Shake That" by Eminem comes on. Ya'll know Eminem, right? He's nasty and I forget that sometimes. So there's a line in this song that says the guy "gets more ass than a toilet seat". It's so wrong, but cracks me up every time. Because, inside, I'm a 12 year old boy and I laugh at fart jokes.

Ooooh, my imaginary boyfriend LL Cool J is singing to me now. I might have to stand up and dance. The office is dead so if I do a bit of booty shakin here in my cube, no one will know.


I finally found a reason.....

Today after work I stopped by the gym to renew my membership. My gym attendance dropped severely after I ran over a guy in the parking lot in May of 2005. Oh don't worry, he's fine now. And he didn't even sue! God Bless USAA. It was his own damn fault anyway for not paying attention and walking right behind me.

Anyway, so the gym gave me a good deal and only charged me a $70 activation fee and the monthly fee is the same as it was before (was it the flirting I was doing with the gym manager perhaps? I was feeling a bit of the giddy at the time). Also, a new branch of the gym has opened up near Dell so alot of folks have migrated over there, making my gym not as packed. Because I have not worked out in ages, unless you count lifting food to my mouth, I decided to sign up with a personal trainer. Upon my sister's recommendation, I decided to use J. He's super cute, in a Latin Vin Diesel/LL Cool J sort of way. So now I have a reason to shave or wax my legs!

My mom will be so proud. (she can't believe I write about my hairy legs where a BOY might read it).


Best V-day ever!

Today was possibly the best Valentine's day I've ever had. But honestly, that's not really hard to do. Let's recap:

Vday 1986, 6th grade: puked on the way to school, as bus was pulling into school driveway. Many, many kids laugh at me (as if I didn't already get made fun of enough).

Vday 1998: blind date with Army guy in Killeen. How fitting is it that there is an Army base in a town that starts with the word "kill"? Not a terrible day, just terribly awkward. He did give me a rose.

Vday 1999: searched for just the right card to give to oblivious boyfriend to profess my love. He's an idiot and I drive the hour back home crying.

Vday 2000: basic repeat of above, only more wine, shorter drive.

Vday 2001: boyfriend finally says he loves me...dumps me 2 months later. Takes years to recover.

Vday 2002: get stood up

Vday 2003-2006: spend night curled up with bags of chocolate and television

So as you can see, normally I hate this day. However, spending it with the cutest 3 1/2 year old in the whole world can change your view. We had great fun playing with legos and pretending to be monsters. And I even got a little bag of cookies he helped his mom make for me. So sweet. You can see why he is the propaganda child. Have you heard a 3 year old try to say "Elizabeth"? How can that not melt even the most Grinch like of hearts?

Now I'm off to snuggle with my sweety Lulu.


Happy Valentine's day to me

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Tomorrow night I am babysitting the propaganda children so my friend and her husband can celebrate Valentine's day with dinner and a movie out. So tonight I treated myself to a new magazine and some spicy tuna sushi. I was also going to watch a movie, Step Up, but after the first 5 minutes I gave up because it did not catch my attention. Life is too short to watch a crappy movie.

If you need a good movie to watch, let me recommend Stomp the Yard. My mom and I saw it this weekend and it kicked ass. Yes, the story line is no surprise, but who cares! Gorgeous sweaty men! Hip hop music that makes you want to dance your booty off. Another really good dance movie is Take the Lead, which I also saw with my mom. Hmmmm, do I sense a theme?



Something came up today at work and now I have a dilemma. Do I want to move to Houston? On one hand I do. And on the other I do not. What to do....what to do....


Valentine's Day Crafts

Behold, my first tissue holders!

tissue holder


Aptly named

So a new faucet has been purchased. Has it been installed yet? Ha! This blog ain't the Lazy Life for nothin'! The box is still in my car. Too bad I can't just snap my fingers and have it be done. The idea of rinsing my dinner dish (home made Indian food, y'all) in the tub skeeves me out. Don't ask me why because it's not like that tub is some sparkling thing of clean. I suppose I could let Lulu lick the dish first and then just put it in the dishwasher.

My relationship with the dishwasher is an odd one. It's all my mother's fault. You see, at some point in my childhood my mom quit using the dishwasher and all the dishes were done by hand. Mostly with her washing and me drying. Occasionally, Kristin would dry while I would wash but it's really better if we just don't talk about that. Since I'm used to washing by hand I don't use my dishwasher all that much and when I do, everything is practically clean already by the time I finish rinsing the dishes first. When my parents built their current home, they didn't even have the dishwasher installed! How crazy is that?! They did have it plumbed for one though so it can easily be added.

Okay, Lulu is having a fit over a possum so I'm going to distract her with my dirty dish now.


A geyser in my kitchen

broken faucet
So you know what happens when your kitchen faucet breaks off in your hand? Yeah, it kinda looks like that, only smaller.Guess who'll be rinsing her cereal bowls in the bath tub until she gets around to purchasing and installing...okay hiring someone to install, a new faucet?

That's right. Me!

5 Things About Me

Several weeks ago, KathyC tagged me for this meme. Because I'm was so far behind on my blog reading I didn't even know she'd tagged me until this past weekend. So without further ado, here are 5 things about me that you didn't know:

1. I haven't shaved my legs since early December. That sounds kind of gross, doesn't it? But it's winter and Lulu is the only one that sees my legs beside me. Plus, the hair is long and soft now, not itchy. In fact, it is so long that when I took Lulu for a walk tonight, wearing capri pants, the hairs were blowing in the wind. That freaked me out a bit but not enough to shave. It's kind of liberating plus, and this leads into my next thing, it's fun to pluck the hairs out.

2. I have an obsession with my hair and plucking ones I think don't belong, whether the hair is on my head, my eye brows or my cheek (c'mon, like you've never had a random billy goat hair show up). Hours upon hours have been spent examining my hair to find one that isn't right to pluck it out. I think it started when brown hairs started creeping in, then it was the wire-y gray ones, then the fine white ones.

3. I can not go to bed without brushing my teeth. Most people brush their teeth before bed, but I mean right before bed. There is an entire night time ritual that must be followed that consists of: time plucking hairs (see above), removing eye makeup, brushing teeth, taking any pills and then going straight to bed. Any deviation, like taking a break in the middle to blog, means I have to brush my teeth again.

4. I really dislike getting my face wet. That's why I only wash my face in the shower and must dry my eyes off right away.

5. Whenever I spend the night at my cousin's in Houston, as I fall asleep I mentally remodel the guest suite. If I'm in a meeting or lecture in which I'm not paying attention, the room that gets the mental remodel is the master bedroom in the house I grew up in. Strangely enough, I never get very far because my mind wanders off to something else.

So to sum up, this post should really be entitled "why Elizabeth might possibly be a little bit crazy".


Possibly the greatest thing ever

It's a lip balm key chain from BeaG at Etsy. Seeing as that I must have lip balm with me at all times this is perfect! For instance, earlier at the dog park, I had no pockets and had to tuck my keys into the waist band of my pants. With the keychain above, I could have had my Blistex with me instead of leaving it in the car and obsessing about my dry lips.

Sun Beauty

sun beauty
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Valentine's bowls

Red melamine bowls from Target. $1.99 each. So cute. Perfect for V-day.


Betty Crocker saves the day

For a couple of weeks now, I've had the urge to bake. But baking doesn't really interest me that much. Thank goodness for pouch mixes. Just add water and presto! Yummy goodness.

Blueberry Muffins
Fluffy goodness


Feeling better and so I ramble

I must be feeling better, because even though I can't smell anything and have to breathe with my mouth open, I want doughnuts. Where does this craving come from? I don't even like doughnuts all that much. In fact, I'm not even hungry right now but the craving for a KK is so intense that it's nearly enough to make me actually leave my house today.

That's right, I'm playing hermit again. Although, Lulu and I did go outside twice today. Once to check the mail, which wasn't there, and another to check the mail again as we waved goodbye to my parents (aka gramma & grampa) who had stopped by for a visit. Here's where you get a glimpse of the crazy....I am still wearing the same clothing I wore all day yesterday. Friday at my office is casual dress and since I was feeling sickly, I took the opportunity to wear the closest thing to pajamas that I have. Black knit boot cut pants and a long sleeve t-shirt. This outfit is so comfy that I decided to sleep in it as well. Even kept my socks on.

Okay, I just scared myself a little. But I promise to take a shower and leave the house tomorrow. And you know I will because a local quilt shop is having a sale in honor of Superbowl Sunday AND opening early. Yay!


TGI Nyquil !

Although I woke up feeling slightly better this morning, I now feel slightly worse. But in a different way. Shortly after lunch my nose became completely stopped up. I canbbe breabe oudda muh nose. Do you know how uncomfortable a feeling that is when once again, Grey's Anatomy makes you cry? Seriously.

Anyway, now I'm going to eat my little Lean Cuisine pizza that I probably won't be able to taste anyway and watch the episodes of Men in Trees that I have on my dvr. Lulu will curl up next to me in hopes that she'll get some pizza too (she won't).

After that I'm going to take 2 of the Target generic brand Nyquil that I bought this afternoon and sleep my way into Saturday.

Ya'll be good.

ps...Lauri, the little kleenex holder came in handy today. Thanks!


Tonsil Watch 2007

Even though I'm not running a fever, I have a sore throat and even my eye balls hurt. This can only mean one thing....tonsillitis or strep throat. Now I know that a high fever usually accompianies strep throat, but I've had it so much that now I get atypical symptoms. In fact, last spring my doctor told me that the next time she wants to take out my tonsils.

I love my doctor, like seriously, I want to hang out with her, but she can just step off if she thinks I'm undergoing a tonsilectomy! This all started when, unknown for months, I came down with mononucleosis and had strep throat or tonsillitis every month for 6 months. It totally sucked. Even after all that and all the times I've been sick in the last 10 years I refuse to have my tonsils removed. Too many horror stories! No thanks, just pass me some good drugs and I'll curl up under my blankets and wait to die.

Plus, my tonsils can amuse me when I'm not ill. They're really huge and have crater like pockets that grow little hard balls of phlegm, called tonsilloliths. (theres a photo on that link if you want to get good and grossed out). Mmmmm good stuff.

Sorry, that was gross. I'm going to go lie on the sofa and moan at Lulu to fix me some mashed potatoes now. That dog is just useless as a servant.