Coco & Daisy

Coco, the black and tan, came first. Kristin got her in the fall of 1996. She survivied swallowing a whole pecan to pecan to become the great bird/centipede/scorpion hunter. She died tragically, last fall, on the porch of parents' home.

Daisy was adopted by me, when she was just a wee 5 weeks old (don't get me started on that breeder), in the spring of 1997. Daisy was the goof to Coco's seriousness. At one point, Daisy gained so much weight that I called her peanut head. It turned out to be a thyroid condition and once that was medicated she was back down to a normal weight. In 2003 it was discovered that she was in kidney failure and was put to sleep shortly before Thanksgiving of that year.

We miss you babies!

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