I got nothin'

My apologies for a very boring blog of late. Work has been insane for the past couple of months and I just haven't had the time to troll about the internets to come up with witty things to write.

So I'm leaving for Texas in less than 48 hours and I'm not ready. The Christmas shopping is not done. Too much still needs to be done at work. By the end of the day 3 unexpected projects landed in my lap and they all need to be done by the 28th. Guess when I'm back in the office? The 28th. Fabulous.

And....I just forgot what I was going to type next so I think I'll just stop now.

Wait. I just remembered....the thought that I might get the extra body pat down at the airport on Thursday is totally freaking me out.

At least it's supposed to be warmer in Texas this year so hopefully I won't freeze in my sister's house like I did last year.


It's 8am...

Schools are canceled due to snow/sleet so it's okay for me to be late to work...right?

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Lulu at Christmas


All I want for Christmas

No, not a hippopotamus. People have been asking what I want for Christmas and unfortunately, the things I want are not things they can be easily purchased. Here's a sample of things I want:

  • To never hear Taylor Swift on the radio again
  • To be warm at work (today I work a long sleeve shirt, a long sleeve sweater and a cardigan with a scarf. Also my pink puffy coat and gloves for half the day)
  • For my hair to never ever be frizzy again and to always look awesome
  • Long, dark eyelashes
  • A one story house that is self cleaning, with a fenced in year that is self raking



When did The Office turn into a show that is uncomfortable to watch? I know I know, fictional characters and all but Michael Scott is just so socially stunted that I'm embarrassed for him.


Baby it's cold outside


The Boyfriend is probably shaking his head at me right now. He's from Ohio, so this cold weather is like nothing to him. But as you all know, I'm freezing. As I leave for work this morning, I'm wearing tights under my pants and an extra shirt under my sweater. I feel a bit like a stuffed sausage. Or like Randy, from A Christmas Story, when he goes outside in he snow suit. However, if it keeps me warm it's worth it.