Do you love popcorn? If you do, and you are ever in Chicago, then you have got to try
Garrett's popcorn. There is a little shop on Michigan avenue and there is always a line. Let me tell you, it's so totally worth the wait.

When I was in Chicago this past February, I think I stood in that line for at least 35 minutes. I didn't mind really, seeing as my ears were about to fall off from being out in the cold. When it was my turn to order, I got a bag of the caramel crisp and a bag of the cheese. It was all I could do to walk back to my hotel without shoving popcorn into my gaping maw.

At the airport, I clutched the paper bag holding my popcorn as if I was carrying the most valuable thing in the world. By the time I got back to Austin, the top of the paper bag was soft like leather. It was a sad moment a few days later when I ate my last piece (and no, I didn't share any with Kristin or the dogs).

In September, a coworker went to Chicago for the weekend. She also loves Garrett's. She brought me a little ziplock bag of popcorn from her stash. It was a happy day.

This morning I could hold out no longer. I placed an online order. I believe it's sent FedEx, so come Monday I can once again have some delicious popcorn.

Oh yeah, mixing the caramel and the cheese together is the best.

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