What I'll be saying....

on Sunday and Monday.....

more animals


We work hard for the money

Yesterday my parents came over to help me with packing and getting the house ready to sell. My mom packed up the kitchen while my dad and I built this patio. It was hard work ya'll. And there was math involved too! There are 40 concrete pavers there. Those things don't just float themselves into place. Not too bad for our first (and last) patio endeavor. Frankly, I'm looking forward to renting again.


ps....a good substitute for Ambien: a day of hard manual labor and a shot of nyquil. I slept the entire night through.


Last Day at Work

Yesterday was my last day at work in Texas. It also happened to be the October birthday celebration. Even though other people had birthdays this month I was the only who was in the office. The guy in charge of bringing the dessert decorated cupcakes with candy letters to spell out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH". It was a most excellent way to end 5 years. I nearly cried when I left. Also, I love the juxtaposition of girly napkins and the cowboy table cloth.


Even though there were some trying days I'm going to miss my coworkers/friends.
Never a day went by that we didn't have some kind of crazy conversation.


Lulu does have very soft fur

For when I start knitting again:

Originally seen on the Fail Dogs blog.


iSad redux

Yes, I know I said I wouldn't be posting again, but then something major happened this morning. My iPod died....again. This iPod isn't even two years old. So once again I made the trek to the Apple store to see what the deal was. I think I have a curse or something. At least it seems they have lowered the replacement price because I could have sworn I had to pay $75 last summer. So in addition to paying less money I am also getting more gigs because they no longer make the 30GB. Tomorrow I should have an 80GB classic iPod. Which is good because there is no way I can drive across the country from Texas to North Carolina without some music. You can't just rely on the radio. There could be nothing but banjo music! Sure I still have my shuffle but that holds what? 100 songs? Not enough time to craft a playlist of 100 songs that I can tolerate for 18 hours.


Can't blog, too stressed

Don't bother checking back until mid-November because the likelihood of anything new until then is about zilch. Too much to do and IT' TOTALING FREAKING ME OUT. Also, I still have a sinus infection and I think it's eating my brain.

Hopefully, the next time I post will be from my shiny new home in Raleigh.

But before you go...how cute are Kristin and El Hombre? Just 3 weeks until their wedding!


Does this make my butt look fat?

Is my butt too big?


Official Announcement

It's been very hard, but for weeks now I've been keeping quiet about something major. Now that I've told all the affected parties at work, etc, I can tell y'all.

I am moving to Raleigh,North Carolina!! At the end of the month!!

So now you can see why I was so stressed out. All that on top of the studying was about to do me in. It still may because I have no idea how I'm going to find a new place to live, pack up my house, sell it, and move across the country in a month. All I want to do right now it veg out on the sofa and knit.


It's Over

The test is over and I don't want to talk about. It was terrible. Hopefully now life can sort of get back to normal. Stay tuned....


What I plan to do on Sunday

after I'm done with the exams:

see more puppies

For Luck

My parents gave me this ring for my birthday:

Teardrop Moonstone Ring

The description in the Sundance Catalog says:

Moonstone is said to balance yin and yang energy. It is one of the birthstones for June and for the zodiac sign of Cancer. In India, it is a sacred stone, believed to bring good luck. Legend has made moonstone, said to arouse tender passion, a prized gift for lovers.

Given that I have my exam on Friday and Saturday I need all the luck I can get. Thanks Mom and Dad. You picked out the perfect gift. I love it.