Cookin' up a storm

I've been a cooking fool today...if you call opening up a bunch of cans cooking. Tonight I made taco soup, which uses about forty-eleven cans of beans, tomatoes and corn. Also browned beef. I ate two smallish bowls and this is what I have leftover. All but the square container are going into the freezer.

Then, because I've had a killer chocolate craving for about 3 weeks and because I've always wanted to and I'm a grown up and I can do whatever I want, I made the recipe on the back of the Crispix cereal box.

It makes a total mess. It's a miracle that I didn't spill powdered sugar all over the kitchen floor. Honestly, I kind of just wanted to put this bowl in the trash. But I didn't. I washed it.

So I mixed it all up, had 3 or 4 bites and now I'm totally over it. The folks at work will be happy on Monday morning.


I just saw the craziest thing on the Food channel. There is a new store out there called Cereality. It's like a Marble Slab for cereal. You mix and match all manner of cereals and topping to create your very own breakfast. Then, instead of a soda machine, there is a machine for milk (because everyone likes a different amount in their cereal). Lastly, you get a "sloop" to eat with. A sloop is a spoon/straw combo, so that you can drink up the flavored milk at the end without tilting your head back and pouring it. But that's the best part!

Phone books

Phone books are kind of a pain. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I used one and I left about 4 sets in my garage in Austin. The recycling center there won't take them. One of my friends told me about this website called Yellow Pages Goes Green where you can sign up to stop receiving phone books. I signed up both my addresses (since yes, my condo has still not sold).


Another one bites the dust

I just read that Domino magazine is folding. Every magazine I subscribe to keeps going out of business. Stupid economy.


Housekeeping tip

If you drop your mascara on the carpet, you can use eye make up remover to get the mascara out of the carpet (and also your sweater if you were so graceful as to get it on the back of your shoulder as well). Try this only with 100% oil free eye make up remover and non-water proof mascara. Other types have not been tested.


My new state

and people say Texans are dumb....

fail owned pwned pictures
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Where Lulu helps me knit

Lulu thinks she is a cat, which means she must be in my lap at all times. This is not as nice as it might sound. She doesn't like it if you get fidgety (for instance, playing Star Wars on the Wii....not so good for lap time my friends that watched Lulu over Christmas tell me).

Tonight I wanted to watch last weeks episode of CSI online and try to finish knitting a scarf (yes, it looks just like all my other scarves). Here's how that worked out:

CSI & knitting

It's a good thing I have a comfortable desk chair. This is the Zody by Haworth. Mine is black with a black & white wave-y stripe like pattern on the seat. I don't have a photo of it at the moment and I'm too tired to get up and take one for you. This is a chair I did for a mock up at work a couple of years ago.


My thoughts exactly

Lately, Lulu has been waking me up at 4:30am needing to go outside. When I lived in my house it was no big deal if she did that because I could just open the dog door and stumble back to bed. But not now. No. Now I have to get out of bed and put on 12 layers of clothes (seems like it anyway), shoes, gloves, hat, coat and take her out for a pee. It's very annoying. And then she wants to eat at 5:30am. Not that I blame her really. If I was only eating 1/4 cup of food I'd want to eat more often than every 12 hours too.

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A few more snow photos

Lulu in the snow

Don't worry, the car was stopped when I took the photo
Driving to work in the snow

Removing snow is hard work!
Half way there

I really wish....

that I hadn't forgotten my hat when I went to work today:

Outside my office

Lulu's first snow

Lulu in Snow

In this photo she's saying "mom,please don't take make me pee in the snow and please don't take my photo while I'm doing it!"

Lulu pees in snow

She's so ready to go inside that she tried to go into the wrong building.

Lulu in Snow

Snow Report 4:50am

Soft, wet and up to Lulu's belly. She is not amused.
Neither am I, for being awake this early.


Snowmany possibilities

So, it's supposed to snow here tomorrow. I've heard anywhere from 2 to 5 inches* may fall. Surprisingly, the stores didn't seem too overrun with people trying to prepare. Some coworkers were telling me that back in 2000 or 2002 the same amount of snow was predicted and 22" ended up being dumped. I'll keep you posted with whatever happens.

*THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID (sorry, I couldn't help myself)


New York style pizza

On Friday I had lunch at Randy's Pizza. For $6 I got two huge slices of pepperoni pizza and a drink. The pizza was delicious and the service was great. I only ate one piece for lunch and took the other one home. Since it was only like 14 degrees outside I just left the box in my car when I went back to the office. Here's what the slice looked like the next morning, when I ate it for breakfast:

NY style pizza

Cold mornings

This is how Lulu spends her days. Most of the time she is totally covered but the other morning just the tip of her nose was peeking out.




Turns out that missed connection is married, and because I like to wear my ring on my left hand, he thought I was too.





Missed Connection

Sometimes I like to read the Missed Connection section of Craigslist just for fun. So imagine my surprise when I ran across this one tonight and realized it was me!
You: Blonde, glasses, Rubenesque figure. With two guys
Me: Tall, gray hair, glasses, leather jacket.
We were sitting across from each other. Was I mistaken or did we exchange eye contact many times.
Would love to hear from you!

It was a particularly good hair day.
We might have made eye contact but it wasn't Eye Contact Eye Contact.


17 degrees

And I'm supposed to leave the house to go to work?


It feels like 18 degrees outside.....

and I got a swimsuit catalog in the mail!
Give me a break!


Not sure about that.....

yeah, I'm not sure there's anything I love this much right now. Except Lulu.


These are just creepy

Hand soaps from Rose and Radish

I need this

Dachshund coathanger
Won't you buy it for me? It would look so cute by my front door.


Random stuff

Today I drove into Raleigh, and after running my errand, decided to just drive around to see what I could see. I drove through downtown and there were police and what kind of looked like secret service agent every where. Then there was a huge house and people lined up around it for two blocks. Oh. That was the Governor's mansion and the inauguration is later today.

Then I kept on driving and look what I found!

Original Krispy Kreme

I think this is the original Krispy Kreme location. They originated in North Carolina, you know. So did Pepsi, Texas Pete's hot sauce (who knew!), Mt Olive pickles and Cheerwine soda (haven't tried that one yet so I can't tell you what it tastes like). I was still full from my sushi lunch at Whole Foods so I didn't stop hot a Hot! Fresh! donut. My ass will thank me later.


And I don't even like Coldplay

First it was the old people singing their songs and now it's adorable kids.

Why weren't my choir teachers that cute or hip to music?

They even sing The Beatles, Crowded House, and Tori Amos!

Glorious rainbow

Flickr is great. I knew someone out there had to have gotten a photo of the rainbow!


The weather is not so great, actually. But when I left the office there was a double rainbow. You'll have to talk my word for it because I didn't have my camera with me. There are photos on my cell phone but I don't know how to get them from the phone to the computer. However, once I got home I was able to get this photo while I was walking Lulu. It was very windy.

cool sunset

Very windy walk

Now it's pouring down rain. And still very windy.

Excellent News

Apple has announced that they are lowering the price of songs on iTunes. There is a bunch of other stuff too about how many times you can copy the songs, blah blah y blah, but all I care about is the price. I am so glad I haven't spent all of my iTunes gift cards that I got for Christmas yet!


I'm up!

What? I'm awake!


Today's adventure

Today I took Lulu and myself out to the park to participate in a Dachshund Meetup. It was a total waste of time. Lulu didn't play with any dogs and I wasn't able to talk to anyone because I had to spend the whole time making sure Lulu didn't escape out the gate. After about 30 minutes she was done, jumping up on me like a toddler, begging me to pick her up. Maybe we should go every nice Saturday and she'll get used to it. I don't know. The only good thing was that she started responded to me telling her to move away from the gate.


Lulu would much rather stay on the sofa where it's warm and cozy. Who wouldn't.



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New glasses

Apparently, having Lasik twice won't keep you from having to get glasses again 5 or 6 years down the road. Not only did I get glasses this past summer but I had to get new ones today specifically for wearing in front of the computer! Yes, I do spend 10-12 hours a day in front a computer....what of it?

New glasses

Note to self....do not take photo immediately after walking dog in 25 degree weather. Makes for nose like reindeer. Also, think about getting roots done.