If I didn't know better....

I would have thought this was my sister's dog, Gus.


I decided to do something about it

After months, and I do mean months, of watching The Biggest Loser reruns just about every day, I finally got off my ass and worked out. What brought this on? You mean besides the huge feeling of fatness that surrounds me? I discovered that I have Fit Tv on Demand and it has Biggest Loser workouts! Now I can personally get yelled at by Bob and Jillian. AWESOME.

So tonight, I put on my tennis shoes and took Lulu for a long walk. Really. Actually, there was some running too. Lulu did really well for the first 15 minutes but not so good on the way back. Once I got home I started one of the workouts on the tv.

Let's just say thank goodness for the fast forward button. You can skip all those pesky lunges! But hey, it's a start and I'm all sweaty.

The new season of The Biggest Loser starts September 15th. Guess whose butt will be firmly planted on the sofa that night?!



Don't get me wrong...I love tattoos. But a finger mustache tattoo? Seriously. That is such a retarded hipster kid thing. And to quote my mother "how's that going to look when you're 80 years old?!"

Find more videos like this on fingerstache

This is a much better tattoo:

photo by Happy Lobster

Even better is Picasso's Dachshund sketch. Hmmm, I have been wanting another tattoo for some time now. Have I found what I've been looking for?


Dachshund Portrait Dishcloth

I need to knit this....right after I finish the 2 other projects I've got going.

There was a storm

This afternoon a thunder storm rolled in.
Don't worry, I had my eyes on the road the entire time.

Storm rolling in

Little luxuries

This morning I realized that nearly all my bath towels were high school graduation gifts (and I graduated from high school 18 years ago) or hand-me-downs from my parents'. So while I was out and about I stopped into HomeGoods. First of all, I have never been there on a Saturday and it was a zoo! Secondly, wow did they have a lot of great stuff that I did not need (but wanted). I bought myself 2 new, very white, very fluffy, very soft towels (and for only $6/ea). In fact, I spent the next 30 minutes just walking around the store hugging them. Yes, I was that crazy lady.

Old vs. New



For all my Texas peeps

#543; In which it’s Hot
(click on photo to enlarge)


Botox on a budget

otherwise known as bangs!

chop chop!

It's not quite what I had in mind, thank goodness my hair grows fast, but it will do. At least now I have a good reason to buy more earrings.

Next up....DIY hair coloring. Won't THAT be an adventure!


Must see for me

Maybe one day they will have a Senior Citizens Solid Gold dance show and I'll finally be able to fulfill my childhood dream.


It's over now

This weekend my sister and her husband picked up their new puppy, Buford T. Justice. It's official....Lulu is no longer going to have favored granddog status. How could she? Once my parents see Buford's adorable, squishy little face it's all over for Lulu.


Laundry Dog

Earlier in the week I was doing laundry but left a pile of clothes still needing to be washed on the floor of the closet. Last night when I was going to bed I could not find Lulu anywhere. Keep in mind that this is an 800 square foot apartment. There are only so many places she can be...and she wasn't in any of the normal spots. Finally I found her sleeping on the pile of clothes. She's funny like that. When Kristin was here visiting Lulu slept on her pile of clothes too.
Dogs is weird.
Lulu was not pleased that I turned the closet light on and took photos of her.

And no, I still have not done the laundry. Lulu is snoozing there again tonight.

p.s....please ignore my underwear...nothing exciting to see there.


Weekend getaway

I have to take some unpaid days off over the next few months and I've got vacation to use up before the end of the year so I decided I should take a quick weekend getaway but I can't decide where to go!

Chicago (love it, one of my favorite cities)
Atlanta (bonus, I can drive there)
Asheville, NC (home of the Biltmore)
Boone, NC (the mountains)

Where should I go?



My manager is making a trip to Ikea this weekend (the closest one is a couple of hours away, in Charlotte) and said she'd pick something up for me as long as it would fit in her car.

I'm in desperate need of a coffee table. There are bigger things I need too but a truck is required for those (also, money I have but don't want to spend right now).

What I'm considering, in order of price:

The Lack table, for a whopping $19.99 (this is the table you get when you can't decide what you want but really want a table to put your feet/magazines/knitting on)

The Expedit table is $69.99 and comes with a tempered glass top. It seems a bit low though.

The Vejmon table, which is $149.99 and looks similar to my previous table, is sort of my favorite right now.

I have interior design ADD and can never make up my mind. Sure I can make a decision for other people...but for myself is near impossible. I have a ticket to go to Market in High Point in October so maybe that will help me make a decision about what kind of bedroom furniture to eventually buy.


Just what Lulu needs!

You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.