Hey! Cupcakes!

So the other day, we're driving down South Congress and what do I spy but an Airstream trailer with a giant cupcake on its roof! I was so excited that I could not pull into the parking lot fast enough. How disappointed was I that the place wasn't open? Very.

Hey Cupcake

In honor of my upcoming birthday (that's right, did you know I have a birthday coming up? No? Well let me tell you again) I think I will go back on Saturday and get myself one or 6.


Two of my favorite blogs to read are PostSecret and icanhascheezburger.com, which is home of the LOLcats. Now the two are combined in the most awesomest site ever, lolscretz. Witness:


In 7 days....

I will be 34. This isn't really freaking me out but every day I see a few more white hairs and notice a few more wrinkles around the eyes (not even going to discuss the trench across my forhead because it's genetic and has been there since I was twelve). Typically I will spend a good 20 minutes at Target, trying to decide what eye cream to buy and then I cheap out and buy some $15 Neutrogena something. Not this time. It's time to throw down the big bucks. There are even more expensive things out there, but this is my gateway cream. I know this because I didn't even flinch when I picked up the very small little tube and walked to the cashier at Sephora and plunked down my credit card. Keep in mind that I'm the same woman that will dither about the price of a box of cereal or bag of string cheese.


Are you kidding me?!

Today at lunch I decided to run a quick errand to Target to pick up toilet paper and a light bulb for the kitchen sink (woooo, exciting, I know). Of course, as I'm toting my giant thing of tp across the store in search of the bulb and talking on my cell phone (can I not go to lunch in peace, people? it's just office furniture. We're not saving the world here! anyway, I digress) I am stopped in my tracks by a display of Christmas cards. It's bad enough that the Halloween candy is already out but Christmas cards?! It's not even October yet!

I only looked at them for a second and some of them were cute but since I have at least half a dozen boxes and supplies to make hundreds at home I do not need to buy any. My shopping finger was itchy though. Buying toilet paper and a light bulb is really no fun at all.


ACL wrap up

My ACL weekend didn't quite turn out as expected. It started out pretty good though. On Friday morning, Kristin, El Hombre and I headed out to Zilker park. We got a sweet (i.e. free and close in) parking spot. Once we got in the park, of course we had to eat.

Kristin and El Hombre each got a chopped BBQ beef sandwich and shared a side of fried zucchini sticks.



And I got a beef and lamb gyro (not shown) and a cherry limeade from the Sweet Leaf ice tea people. Good stuff.


As you can see, Kristin was happy.


It was hot. Damn hot. We wandered over to one of the stages, luckily it was near a small patch of shade, and settled in. Pete Yorn came on a started his set. I noticed some dark smoke on the other side of the park and thought to myself "hmmmm, that ain't right". It got darker. And darker. People started paying more attention to the smoke than to Pete. Then, there were flames. Finally, Pete stopped singing and the calmest, nicest announcement was made for everyone to "please move away from the fire. mmmmmkay? thanks". It was out a few minutes later. Turns out a propane tank (and propane accessories?) exploded and took out an rv and an 18 wheeler full of beer. Unfortunately, 4 beverage distribution employees were injured, but no festival attendees.


After that the day went on as normal. Kristin took a nap.


We took the obligatory self portrait photo (which never quite turns out right).


And we people watched, looking out for bad fashion choices everywhere.


Then came Saturday. It was not a good day for me. I woke up with some kind of gastrointestinal mess that is just better not talked about. Let's just say that whatever I had and porta-pottys...not a good combination. Most of Saturday I spent camped out at my aunt's house and the part I was there for, well I really don't remember it. By Sunday morning I couldn't even leave the house. Maybe next year will be better.

Coach, thy name is evil!

Why must you torture me so, Coach?

Tonight I had to return a dress I purchased at Dillards and as I normally do, I entered the store on the side with the make up and purses. This is where the Coach purses are. Being that Fall is about to arrive, all the new purses are out.

And what do I spy?

The new Coach Hamptons Stripe Hobo. Now, having never been to the Hamptons I don't know if they have hobos there but I'm guessing they don't. Martha would never allow it.

Please do not ask me what my deal is with Coach purses. They aren't all that exotic or fancy or fashionable or whatever. They are the epitome of consumerism. I know these things. Does this stop from me letting out a little gasp and then fondling the bag? No, it does not. What does stop me from having the saleswoman unlock the bag from the special little stand that lets you touch but not try on and wrap it up for me is the $298 price tag. For a bag that isn't even all leather!

When I win the lottery, I am so going on a Coach shopping spree. Watch out.


How I feel some mornings

Meh. Job sux. Pay sux. Doan wanna get outtaƂ bed.

So glad I have tomorrow off to attend ACL.


Pink Elephants!

Kristin's boyfriend, El Hombre, has a thing for pink elephants. I don't know why, he just does. So when I saw this on icanhascheezburger.com of course I thought of him right away.




Perhaps not such a good idea to run by Target when hungry and right after working out? Have now eaten 8 of these little donuts (thus undoing entire good of workout) and my mouth feels like I ate paste. Blech.

Damn you Little Debbie and your pastries too!


I do not have a shoe problem

The other night someone asked me how many shoes I had. So I stopped to think. Well yes, I have bought 5 or 6 pairs in the last month but I've also returned at least 2 of them....so I came up with between 20 and 30. He let out a whistle. Hey! I'm no Imelda Marcos! A girl can dream though, right?


That said, I did buy another pair of shoes today. A cute little pair of patent leather burgundy Nine West flats. On sale, with an additional $10 off coupon from DSW. Hmmmm now what outfit can I buy to go with them?



This just in....

Kristin just sent me a text message to tell me that the featured fried food at the State Fair of Texas 2007 will be.....drumroll please......

Fried Cookie Dough!!



In My Bed


This morning, as I made the bed, I found this little thing. What is it? I don't know but of course I had to grab the camera and photograph it. Then I smushed it in a big wad of toilet paper and flushed it to a watery grave.




Today I committed the sin of cheating on my hair stylist. I can only hope that by the time I'm ready for another cut my hair will have grown enough that she won't notice. But seriously, I'm trying to grow out this short hair and I've been having one bad hair day after another. A girl can only take so much. This morning was the last straw. My hair stylist, Amie, has been doing my hair for over 6 years and she always does an awesome job. She knows my hair. She knows how it used to be stick straight and then it was really wavy (but not quite curly) and now it's nearly straight with some wave and lots of frizz. Hopefully, she will forgive me since she only works Tues-Friday and I just had to have a trim TODAY. I'll have to tip really big next time and that should help.