Food photos

Enfrijolades from El Chile Cafe

White pizza with spinach from Home Slice Pizza

Two places we ate at last week. Photos by Kristin. You can see more at her Flickr Food set.

Things I learned today

1. I would make a terrible bulemic--I learned this because this morning my Cheerios came back to visit me shortly after I ate them. Apparently, Cipro and milk don't mix too well early in the morning. Also, my Bare Escentuals minerals makeup does not work so well to hide the little pink polka dots that showed up all around my eyes. So it was a fabulous start to my morning.

2. Normally, people in Austin forget how to drive when it rains. But we've had so much rain around here that when the sun showed up this afternoon, it seems they've forgotten how to drive in the sun! At least that's the only reason why I can figure out that 183 North was backed up from 35 all the way to Mopac without any accident in sight. Look people, I just wanted to go get my underarms waxed and go home.

3. Losing 30lbs makes pointy toe shoes fit better. I wore a pair shoes today that used to hurt my feet (but look oh so cute). Today, no hurty feet. Sweet!

4. Losing 30 lbs has made no difference to the elastic waist band of some of my underwear. It's still tight. Yet sags in the butt. And yes, my waist has gotten several inches smaller. What the hell?

So anyway, these are things I learned today. I also learned that Lulu still has not grown thumbs and started to do chores while I'm at work. Apparently all she does is sleep. Lucky dog. Could be worse. She could be shopping online.


If it's good enough for Antrhax, it's good enough for me

So this past week was my vacation off from work and Kristin came down to spend it with me. Unfortunately, I came down with a sinus infection at the beginning of the week. This was not really a surprise considering that I'd been under a great deal of stress at work for the last month and really needed a week off in the worst way. I put off seeing the doctor, but when it became unavoidable, off I went. She gave me an rx for Cipro which is a common treatment for Anthrax.

Needless to say, the many things we had planned for our week of thrills and excitement in Austin did not happen, mostly due to my sicklyness, but also due to the rain (wasn't I baking cookies in my car this time last year?!). We did manage to visit the LBJ library, where I learned that Lady Bird's real name was Claudia, and ate at several yummy places. Kristin took photos of the food and as soon as she blogs about it or loads the photos to her Flickr account I'll be sure to let y'all know. I'm sure you're just waiting with baited breath.

We also saw the newest Harry Potter movie and finished reading the final Harry Potter book, which when you do both concurrently can really mess with your head. Then we had a small discussion about both, which I don't know about Kristin, made me feel kinda dorky. But the most decadent thing we did was spend a good six hours watching a season 3 marathon of America's Next Top Model. This is not a show I have ever watched before so I had no idea that what we were watching was several seasons old so imagine how pissed I was to find out that we missed the episode revealing the winner. Thank god for Google. Yes, I was that invested in it. Hello, 6 hours of my life I'll never have back.


It's a shame

Longhorn Fan
Originally uploaded by Elizabeth_K
Isn't is sad how parents teach their children bad habits? Without any prompting at all, the propaganda boy flashed this terrible "gang" sign at me when I took his picture.


Spending the day with boys

Today I get to hang out with my two favorite boys. During the afternoon I'm going to be babysitting the propaganda children, so I get to hang out with the nearly 4 year old boy and his equally adorable nearly 2 year old sister (unless they haven't had naps, then not so much on the propaganda). Then when I get home, I get to hang out with Harry Potter for 759 pages. Or until I fall asleep. Awesome. How excellent that the book came out the weekend right before my vacation. Because I have a really good idea that the people at my office just wouldn't get it. That's right, I'm a big ol' dork and I like it!

For a few moments I entertained thoughts of going to one of the midnight parties for the book but a) I didn't feel like going alone and b) Friday was a rough day all the way around and I was really tired. So I just drove to my ghetto Wal-Mart at 8:45 this morning and bought it there. I knew they wouldn't be sold out.

As you can see, Lulu is not amused by my abandoning her for boys.



Talk talk

Talking to EK
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Do you think I maybe I call Kristin too much? El Hombre snapped this photo of her tonight. When we were talking she commeneted that she thought there wasn't any alcohol in her mojito.


One little tomato

tomato bud
This is probably the only tomato my little
plant is going to sprout. It's taken months
just to grow this. A farmer I am not.



Finished product
Originally uploaded by Double_K
Kristin and I (well mostly her) made cupcakes over the weekend using the new book by the Cake Doctor. They were pretty darn tasty.
Unfortunately, I forgot my share at my parents' house. So enjoy them, mom & dad.

Be Still My Heart

Have I mentioned before how much I love organizing things? I believe I have. This evening I found the best blog ever. It's called Creative Organizing and it's written by a woman that is professional organizer. She's also very crafty with the scrapbooks. One of her posts was about a new magazine called Organize Magazine. Now, do I need any more magazines? No, but I did let my InStyle and Cooking Light subs go so I clicked right on over and signed up. There's going to be an interview with Peter Walsh of Clean Sweep (and when is a new episode coming on, for cryin' out loud?!).

So happy. I think I need to go organize my craft closet some now. You know that's why I never actually get any crafting done. I'm too busy labeling things things.


If I were a camper....

I would totally want this cute little teardrop trailer from the Sundance catalog. Or maybe this Airstream from Design Within Reach. My grandparents had an Airstream. We called it the silver bullet. It wasn't near as cool as this one.


Make It Stop!

This is what the weather has looked like pretty much for the last month. Seriously, I'm about to go insane. This is why most serial killers are from the Pacific Northwest (I just made that up, but just go with it). I can not take any more rain. Just can not.


The good thing about rain

The good thing about all the rain we've had this spring/summer is that I haven't had to worry about watering my plants. And look how great they look! So pretty. Too bad I hardly ever see my plants since they are by the front door, which I rarely use.

plants 2