I really need to get back to running. Twice in one month does not a runner make.

Oh yeah, this is post 1000. wooooo!


Look what I got in the mail today

My medal for doing two 1/2 marathons!

26.2 Medal

ps: this my 999th post! Maybe I should do something fancy for post 1000?


My birthday is coming...

and I think I'm going to celebrate by getting a new tattoo. For sometime now I've been wanting a new one and for a while I was thinking of something dachshund related. That will probably still happen, eventually. But for now I've decided to get one commemorating the running of three 1/2 marathons.

Originally I was thinking a crown, for the triple crown, but I couldn't find a good example of one so I moved on from that idea and decided on stars. Three stars. One for each race. So this morning I spent a couple of hours googling up star images and looking at tattoo web sites. Stars are pretty basic but I was hoping for inspiration. So what did I find? A crown.

See, this is why I can't have nice things. I can never make up my mind.


Guns Up

It's that time of year again, when I just have to say:

Texas Tech plays UT at 8pm EST tomorrow.

I think you know where my loyalties lie.


Ticket prices explained

I'm trying to book my flight back to Texas for Christmas and it's killing me that it's going to cost me nearly $500. At least now I know why!

From cracked.com

Edit: Yay for Southwest Airlines! I was able to book a ticket for under $400 and my bags get to fly for free.

Austin peeps, mark your calendars now if you want to have dinner on 12/23 (preferably at Rudy's or Chuy's).


Lulu has a new love

and when he's around it's like I don't exist.

Lulu relaxes


So bored

and so unmotivated to do anything today. So far I have watched 3 episodes of Weeds using the Netflix app on my iPhone, finished reading a book on my Nook, and taken Lulu for a long walk. Now I don't know what to do. I don't want to go shopping, I'm tired of reading and nothing on tv is holding my attention.

I supposed I could start knitting again...


The Race

Virginia Beach Half Marathon Medal

So continuing my fine tradition, yesterday's race was run on 3 1/2 hours sleep and with killer heartburn. Apparently, I am not meant to have a pre-race dinner of a pasta with red sauce. Next time I'll stick with mac & cheese. The heartburn lasted the entire race and didn't go away until I hobbled across the street to buy overpriced antacids at a beach souvenir shop.

Still, even with all that, I kicked ass on my race. I shaved 4 minutes off my Seattle time and I even stopped to pee (and that took like 3 minutes because my running pants are so tight). However, I did want to die a little when I was done.

Virginia Beach half marathon

No more half marathons for me. Now I'm going to concentrate on getting my 5k time down and actually be able to run for more than 3 minutes at a time.


And I'm off like a herd of turtles

on my way to Virginia Beach. Which was spared by Hurricane Earl. Yay.


They did not teach me this in dance class

About 10 years ago I got this wild idea that I should take tap dancing classes. And so I did, through the University of Texas (and no, that does not make me a longhorn, bite your tongue). Anyway, I did not have enough rhythm and coordination to do even the basic steps, much less dance like this.


One Month

A lot can happen in a month. You can lose 5 pounds, you can win the lottery, you can follow your favorite band across the country or you can start to fall in love. I've only done one of these things in the last month.

In one month I will be 37.
Seriously, how does that happen?