It's a good thing I don't alarm easily. Because earlier today a terrorist cell was uncovered and arrested in the Raleigh area. But don't worry, that's way on the opposite side of town from me.


Play Ball!



Back in April, when my parents were here for Easter, we were supposed to go to a Durham Bulls baseball game. But it got rained out. Today I finally used those tickets. Now why I decided to go to a 1:05pm game in the middle of July is beyond me, but there you have it. It wasn't quite as hot as hell but it was kind of close, at least until the 7th inning when we finally were in the shade.

The stadium and field were much smaller than I was expecting. I've never been to a major league game but I've been to plenty of college games and a few games of the Round Rock Express (also a Triple A team) and I guess it is true what they say...everything IS bigger in Texas!


There was plenty of entertainment between innings for big and little kids alike and being in a smaller stadium really helped with that. I definitely want to go back. Maybe just not when it's so hot!


Oh yeah, when a home run is hit (by the Bulls of course, who cares about the other team) the bull's eyes light up, his tail goes up and down and smoke comes out of his nose. It's pretty funny.


You know this wasn't a Baptist church

I love it.

Why do wedding dance videos make me get all verklempt? Like I could cry right now if I let myself. It's ridiculous.


When a plan comes together

Covidien Lobby

This is a project that I recently completed at work. Previously, the walls were stark white and there was a hideous floral camel back sofa and a beat up desk that had seen better days. Now it is a modern updated space.

Chairs: Krug Carlyle with Arc-Com Shimmer in Cornflower
Rug: Surya Roommates



This is how I feel when I get the munchies. Except I prefer chips or cookies over broccoli.


It's about damn time

You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this movie to come out. The first time I saw this trailer....I have to admit I got choked up. Also, I put the date the movie comes out on my Google calendar.


I haz it.


After my own heart


Saw this in a parking lot and of course I had to stop and take a photo.

They don't make them like this anymore

The other day, Kristin and I were meandering around Raleigh and stumbled upon this house. It is beautiful. Unfortunately, it's a wreck inside (yes, we did press our faces to the windows). Maybe some day someone will restore it to its former glory


Time to celebrate!

It's official. I'm no longer a home owner.

When I got the news, at work today, I did a little dance right there in my chair. There may have been some waving of the arms in the air and stomping of the feet. The money is even in my account already. God bless wire transfers.



Now that I will no longer be using one entire paycheck to pay for a mortgage/HOA fees/utilities on a home in a state I don't even live in, I can start shopping again. For months I have only been buying only the most necessary things (okay, maybe there might have been one new pair of shoes).

A while back I saw these earrings on a blog. I loved them but, of course, didn't make note of where to buy them or even which blog I saw them on. So last week, during some down time at work, I went on a Google search. Do you know how many pages you have to sift through when you Google "silver bird earrings"? I found many cute ones before finding Figs & Ginger. Tonight I completed my purchase and I can't wait to put these little chickies in my ears.

Below is another pair I ran across and also loved. But they were twice as much and I'm still in budget mode so I went with the originals. She's got lots of cute things so I will definitely be checking back when I've got more funds.

Almost there


Today I signed the papers for the sale of my condo and put in the mail back to Austin. The closing is on Wednesday and after that (*touch wood* that nothing goes wrong) I will be FREE! Finally.



This is a cake, ya'll.
So it'd be like eating cake and biscuits at the same time.

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What a blonde

In the mood

I'm in the mood...to sew.

The problem?

1. Not enough fabric for the pattern

2. No sewing table.

I guess I could clear off the desk and use that. Or stand up at the kitchen bar. But really, that's just too much effort. Instead I'll just go catch up on my DVR and do some knitting.


This Blows


The photo does not even do my bruise justice. This is what happens when you have veins that are notoriously difficult to get blood from combined with a blown vein. Whenever I have to have blood drawn they get one chance in each arm and then I make them take it from the hand. This past Saturday, I don't know what happened, but when I saw my skin actually bubble up I knew that it wasn't going to be pretty. Then when the nurse brought an ice pack out to put on my hand I knew for sure.