Yip yip yip

From the bedroom, where Lulu is asleep on my bed, I hear:
yip yip yip
yip yip yip
yip yip yip

Lulu is dreaming. About what I wonder. Hopefully not like the dream I had this morning where I was stuck wandering around Ikea and then ate a shrimp taco. No, I think she is dreaming about the bunny she tried to chase the other night. Curse her leash and it's 8 foot length. She would have had it otherwise, she's certain. Was is the Easter bunny?


How much will Lulu hate me?

If I knit her a sweater?

Photo courtesy of Flint Knits
Flint Knits has posted a sweater pattern specifically for dachshunds! Totally awesome. Of course I bought it.


6 Mile Report

This morning I did my first 6 mile training and I completed it in 1 hour and 43 minutes. Not too bad considering that I have not exercised in nearly two weeks due to being ill. Also, I ran quite a bit. My friend, Trisha, was there was to push me to run to the next tree, next cement sewer thing, bridge, or whatever. Now I only want to die a little bit.

Before I left the house this morning I reserved a copy of New Moon via Redbox so that I would have something to look forward to this evening. It's so totally dorky how excited I was to hobble up to that machine to get the movie.



Here's where you find out I might be just a little bit nuts. So you know I'm doing the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 marathon....but what you don't know is that 3 weeks later I'm also doing the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 marathon. That's right, this couch potato is doing a marathon in June. BECAUSE I AM CRAZY.

It's all my sister's fault. We decided to go on a trip together, picked Seattle as our destination, and somehow my suggestion of "hey, let's do a 5k while we're there" turned into doing a 1/2 marathon. Then I went to the Team in Training info meeting with my friend and decided that I could raise $3k for San Diego but $5k for Seattle was daunting.

By doing two Rock 'n' Roll races in the same year I am going to get this super awesome medal. I think I will wear it around my neck every day, like Flava Flav and his clock.


Someone has a new boyfriend

Yesterday was such a pretty day that Lulu and I went to the park to meet up with Baxter and his mom & dad. Baxter is very handsome and I think Lulu has a little bit of a crush. We all had a great time, walking around the park and getting to know each other. Hopefully, we will be able to do it again soon.

Thanks to Baxter's mom for the great photos!


On the porch

Spring forward! It's a beautiful day here, which means the porch can be opened up for Lulu. She got tired of me trying to take her photo and the next set of pictures occurred. The lighting is terrible but I love them.

On the porch



Do you ever just have one of those days? I know it's just furniture and I'm not saving lives at work or anything important but I do try to do a good job. Today it was like road block after road block, idiot after idiot. It made me want to smash things. Or get drunk. So I went to the gym instead. Those bad feelings have mostly been sweated out now.


French Lick

Last week I took a very short business trip to see a furniture factory in Indiana. It was a very cool trip. We stayed at the beautiful French Lick Resort, where we were treated like rock stars. The only thing I paid for during this trip was a couple of t-shirts (I mean really, who doesn't need a t-shirt that says "getting lucky in Kentucky"?). 


No. Just no.

wrong wrongity wrong wrong wrong!