Getcher fried food on

The North Carolina State Fair opens in 14 days and I can't wait! They might not have Big Tex but they've still got fried food on a stick! And it won't be hotternhell either.


I'm a bad dog mom

So Lulu has this little fabric covered ottoman that she loves. In Austin it was indoors, in the corner of the living room where two windows came together. From that spot she could survey her kingdom (the back yard) and make sure no possums tried to enter it. Here it's on my screened in patio. She likes to sit on it and watch...well who knows what she's watching because the only thing back there is trees. Anyway. The ottoman is covered in Sunbrella fabric, which is supposed to be suitable for the outdoor elements. Yeah, not so much for the dampness that is my patio. There is mold growing on it. I discovered this at least a week ago. The spots are getting larger but have I thrown it away? No.

I need to find her something to replace it. I found this hammock thing, that I think she'll like, and it looks like I can wash it. Christmas is going to come early for Ms. Lulu!


How very Fetching


Finally, after months of only needing to do the thumbs to complete my first non-hat/scarf knitting project....I did it! Now I can move on to other projects. I know some people like to have several things going on at the same time--these are probably the same people that are reading several books at the same time--but I am not one of those people. I am monogamous to my projects. That doesn't stop me from perusing Ravelry and downloading new patterns or lusting after yarn.

ps...do I have really big hands or what? Because I added extra rows and extra cable repeats and they still aren't long enough.


In which I discover I still don't like French toast

So last night, or rather very early this morning, I woke up craving French toast. Normally, I do not like French toast but for whatever reason, at 3am, I was wanting it. So this morning I made some.

Yup, still don't like it.
But I ate it anyway.


Nothing happening here

I have entered my yearly birthday funk and do not feel like doing anything. Can I just hibernate for the next week? Perhaps I will just turn 35 again....

And because I think blog posts without photos are boring, behold my nephew-dog Buford. He's so cute.


Be still my heart

My favorite sun glasses wearing man is back on tv tonight....CSI:Miami starts again.

This is the best time of year, fall tv, I just love it! My dvr is cleared out and ready to go!


New Lulu photos

The weather this weekend was gorgeous so I opened up both the patio doors. Lulu enjoyed that very much.

Lulu's worst nightmare

Lulu is terrified of balloons. If this were in our living room she would stand in the doorway and cower in fear.


I don't know who created this, but it's been making the rounds on Facebook and I love it. Applicable in so many situations.


I like to people watch

Check out this blog I just ran across, People of Walmart. As a former Wal-Mart employee I can tell you that some of these images are oh so familiar. The commentary along with each photo is pretty funny too.

From my home state. Makes a Texan proud, ya'll. It disturbs me that so many of the photos are from Texas.

From my adopted home state.


Hold please

It's true, I watch too much television. So with that in mind, and the fact that I need to spend less lazy time on the sofa, I have suspended my Netflix account until further notice. Plus, fall tv is gearing up and there are some new shows I'm digging (Glee, anyone?) not to mention my favs are will soon be back (three weeks until Grey's Anatomy! Did Izzy die? I don't care but Denny's ghost needs more screen time).

This is why I can't have nice things

I have a problem....I can't make a decision when it comes to interior design for my own personal space. There are just too many options! Recently, I've been loving the mid-century modern look and have been wanting to go that route. But the relaxed, overstuffed casual Pottery Barn look pulls me back. Then I find things like this steamer trunk (from Restoration Hardware) and I just give up. Which is why my place currently looks, well, kind of like a slightly more expensive version of my college apartment. At least I have a sofa now.


My, what big feet you have!

Look at Buuuuuford's feet! He's going to be a big 'un. I love how Gus keeps trying to get in the chair.