Excellent news!!

Samantha has been found and returned to her rightful owner, Pam. Thank God for a happy ending.


Praise Be!

I have heat again. Of course, it's not cold now. And probably won't be cold enough to really need heat for another 10 months. Unless we get another freak Easter freeze. But yay! for heat.


What is wrong with people?!

I have a lot of what I call "invisible" friends. These are people I know from online. Some of them I've actually met. One is a woman named Pam that has family here in town so whenever she comes to visit them we've gone out for drinks. She is one of the funniest women I have ever met.

This morning I woke and found out that yesterday, while she was at work, someone broke into her apartment and stole her dog. They took nothing else. All the jewelry, tv, computer, other valuables are still there. The front door was ajar and a window was pried open. Her sweet baby Samantha is missing and Pam is beside herself. I would be too. So all you dog lovers, please be thinking good thoughts for Pam and Samantha in NYC and that they will soon be reunited.


Good News, Bad News

First the bad news....last Thursday the heater in my house started to die. Thirteen year old furnaces aren't exactly inexpensive to repair. It was supposed to be repaired today. More bad news. The part is on back order and won't be here until Monday. Let's take a look at the weather forecast for rest of the week:

brrrrrrrrrrr I've been sleeping under four blankets, which are are so heavy Lulu can hardly get under them.

Now the good news.....Target has space heaters on sale. Buy one get one free! For only $30! Sweet. And even though I know it's a little bit wrong, I'll be returning them after the heater is fixed.


British Airways, why must you torture me?!

Once again, BA is torturing me by sending me great deals on flights to London. It doesn't matter that I can fly round trip out of Houston for under $600 because I do not have $600. Well yes I do, if you count plastic money but really that would eat a hole in my stomach and keep me up at night and what fun would that be?

I hate you British Airways.

not really, call me later, 'k?

ps...that's how I look when I'm in London, don't you know.


Just call me guinea

As in guinea pig. You see, my finances are in need of a serious cash infusion due to some unexpected medical bills (Unicare insurance SUCKS..ahem) and while I've entertained the idea of holding a virtual garage sale and selling off my worldly possessions via ebay and craigslist, well that just takes too much effort (but if you need some yarn, fabric or Stampin' Up stuff let me know). So today I was driving down the highway and I spied a huge billboard announcing a migraine study that pays $400. Perfect! I whipped out my cell phone right then and there and made the call. It's a bit of a hassle, thus the money, because you have to go to the office when you get a migraine and hang out after you take the medication but I'm getting more details later this week.

Lulu loves iPods


So much so that she tried to eat my shuffle tonight! I heard a strange noise in the bedroom and found her on the bed looking guilty, the shuffle at her feet and missing one earbud cover. Upon further inspection, both buds were wet and dented. Thank god I caught her before she ate the whole thing! That is a vet bill I can not afford!


Help a Sister Out

My sister is participating in the Strut Your Mutt 3K fun run next month. It's to raise money for the SPCA. All our dogs are not mutts, only Gus is, but they are all rescues. So help a sister out and sponsor her in her efforts to raise money for this good cause.

Gus & Ellie



So today the nice man from the Dish Network came and hooked up my tvs to satellite television. I made the switch from Time Warner Cable because I was paying way too much and Dish can give me the same channels with 2 (!!!) DVRs for like half the money. I will never have to leave the house again! Do you know how much television I can record now? Like 300 hours! How awesome is that?! DO YOU SEE HOW EXCITED THIS IS MAKING ME?!

It's the little things in life that get me through each day. Oh and my neighbor brought me a plant and some slices of lemon pound cake today. Isn't that nice?


My daddy always said....

that if I kissed enough frogs I'd find my prince....

Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures


I'm a genius ya'll!

cash advance


For Christmas the Boyfriend gave me a blender. Don't worry, it was on my Amazon list and he also gave me jewelry. I come from a family that doesn't mind practical gifts. After all, over the years my mother has asked for and received vacuums and leaf blowers as anniversary gifts (not that I'm wanting those!). Anyway, my point is...I wanted a blender so that I could make smoothies. Last night after I got back from the gym I whipped one up.


8 oz orange juice
6 or so strawberries, slightly frozen
1 banana, chopped and slightly frozen
4 oz plain yogurt

Will it blend? Oh yes, it will.


Just in time

It was really cold today so it's a good thing I finished this scarf last night.

Iro scarf