Happy New Year

My NYE is going to be very tame. In fact, I'm already in my pjs. Have been all day, although I put on clean ones after a shower. Tonight I'm going to watch the first dvd of season 5 of Six Feet Under and the first part of season 6 of Sex and the City while I knit on The Boss scarf. My goal is to finish the damn thing tonight/wee hours of 2007 so I can block the thing tomorrow and give to the man on Tuesday. I'm so sick of looking at it.

I did take a break to do some home decorating today. Because I couldn't find any art I liked to hang over the guest bed I made my own. Pictures will be posted when I actually hang the frames.


Once again I wear my pjs in public

Just another fun Saturday night over here at Chez Lazy. Possum #3 has been caught.

she hate me

Shortly after I got back from that fun little trip, I took this spooky photo of Lulu jumping off my new day bed. It makes her look see through.

Super dog in action

Best movie of the year

If you have not yet seen Dreamgirls you need to get to the theater and see it ASAP. This movie was amazing. From the first moment Jennifer Hudson began singing I got goosebumps. Awesome. Seriously. I can not put into words how much I loved this movie.


Ever have that feeling.....

that you are supposed to be somewhere doing something? My office is closed for the holiday, so I'm not supposed to be at work and I don't have any appointments anywhere but I can not shake this feeling that I am supposed to be somewhere else. Freaky.

Fire update

In case you were wondering, here is the story on last night's fire.

Good news, Bad news

The good news: the fire is not in one of my HOA's condos.

The bad news: it's an apartment fire. Austin has had several bad fires in just the past few months. I hope this one is not that way.

Also, I was not the only one outside in my pajamas trying to see what was going on. I was, however, the only one wearing pjs while walking a dachshund. The sirens have quieted but the helicopter is still buzzing around. It must be from one of the news stations because I can't imagine the police would need to do that. In fact, does Austin even have a helicopter? I must google.


Uh oh

I just heard a bunch of really loud sirens and was reminded that I should check to see the trash was collected today (it wasn't). So I go outside and see a helicopter circling around. Now I live on the edge of the ghetto, but other than some thumping radios, it's pretty calm around here.

A neighbor is in his yard and I can barely hear him over the sirens when he tells me he thinks it's a fire on the next block over. I peer through the trees. From I can tell, if it is on that street, it could possibly be the HOA president's house.

Because I am curious and Lulu needs a walk, I think we might meander over there.


Christmas Day Report

me & LuluI hope that you all had a very merry Christmas. Mine was quite nice. That is, until the afternoon when I started getting a headache that, by dinner time, morphed into a migraine. After taking Excedrin for tension headaches, Darvocet and Fioricet without getting any relief, I began to get paranoid that I was going to overdose. As you can see, that did not happen.

Here is a shot of our stocking loot.
stocking loot
Normally, the stockings are done on the sofa, but with all the dogs and Kristin not arriving until mid-morning, we decided to do them at the table. I know that some people use stockings to give small trinkets and candies but ours usually contain useful things like Target gift cards, toothbrushes, and stamps.

This year, Kristin finally got the one thing she's been wanting for years. Lonesome Dove on dvd. She was very happy (as was I so I don't have to listen to her complain about not having it anymore).
lonesome dove
I got a children's book, Pretzel, that has been on my Amazon wish list for years. Also a quilting book and Amy Butler's Stitches (which actually is still in transit).

For the past several years, our parents have given Kristin and myself what we like to call a "practical" gift. The first year it was jumper cables, then a fire extinguisher, then a small tool set and last year it was a cordless drill. This year there was a bit of deviation since Kristin got a set of sheets and I got a pair (it's not really a pair, just one, but pair sounds better) of Loppers with telescoping handles.

All in all it was a very enjoyable holiday. Everyone was happy and relaxed.
sweet doxies dad & gus

Oh, I even got the sock monkey slippers. So comfy and cute!slippers


Home again

Lulu and I made the trek back home today. I am so tired but did make my annual after Christmas shopping trip to Target to score 1/2 price wrapping paper and other holiday items. Sadly, none of the paper really shouted at to me (at least not at only 50% off) but I did buy some Christmas cards.

There is a detailed, with photos, post about Christmas 'n stuff in the hopper so I'll try to get that out soon. For now I am going to put on my pjs and veg out on the sofa.


Wishing you happy holidays

In a few hours I'll be packing up the car and the dog and heading out to the hill country to spend a few days with family. Mentally, I've written several very witty and informative posts, but you know how I am so you'll just have to pretend that you got to read them.

Before I leave town I need to:
-finish wrapping gifts
-take a shower
-gather ingredients and recipe for the dressing
-go to Target and buy shampoo for brunette hair (that's right, I have dark hair now and the blonde shampoo just will not do)
-pack while Lulu whines because she's afraid I'm leaving her behind
-buy lottery scratch off tickets (I've given them to the family for the last couple of years---trying to start a new tradition ala toothbrushes. What, you don't know what I'm talking about? That was covered in one of the mental posts--we get toothbrushes in the stockings.)
-enter receipts into MSMoney so I know how much money I have left

I'm sure there are other things I'll do but I can't think of them at this point and there are less than 4 hours before I leave town. Normally, it would not matter when I leave, but a friend is riding with me and we have a set time when I'm picking her up.

On a side note: I used to be neat and prompt. Both have fallen to the wayside. Wonder what that's all about.


And so it goes

You see, I jinxed myself. Earlier tonight I was mentally writing up a blog post and thinking how witty it would be to entitle it "Silent Night". Because there were no possums and no barking Lulu.

Oh how wrong I was. Possum #3 just made an appearance. *sigh*


Possum catching continues

possum 2

Tonight, while wrapping gifts and watching season 5 of Sex and the City, I caught another possum. This time, the trap wasn't even baited! I was waiting to bait it until after Lulu went to bed. Even saved part of a not so tasty clementine for the trap. Since Lulu was resting on the sofa (she likes to watch SATC too) and not guarding the door at the time, she hasn't barked at the thing too much.

I feel a little bad about it having to spend all night in the cage on top of the fence, but I am not driving to the pervert park by myself at 10:30 pm.

Okay, gotta go. Lulu has started her possum freak out and is trampling my wrapping paper!


One down, how many more?

Tonight, I caught a possum *happy dance*cabbage patch*.

Then I was too scared to pick up the cage and put it in my car.

So I went next door and asked my neighbor to help me.

And I didn't even give out a girly scream when we had to shake the possum out of the cage.

Did you know they can run really fast when they want to?


Game on!

Tonight is the night. Your ass is mine possum! That's right, I borrowed the humane trap from the HOA president and it's baited and in position.

damn possum

In the morning, I will have to put it (still in the trap, of course) in my car. This may require some girly screaming. Then I will drive it to the park a couple of miles from my house and set it free.

Rinse and repeat until all y'all varmits are gone!

Contains: craft

Yesterday I got my craft on by making these adorable (if I may say so) bracelets. The main beads were purchased at the quilt festival and then I picked the rest up at a bead store in Austin. It was my first attempt at making jewelry.


for kim

another bracelet


Organize Yourself!

Ever since I was little I have had a thing about being organized. Nothing excited me more than finding the perfect storage solution for my things. Fast forward to November of 2005. I took a holiday job working 3 nights a week at The Container Store in their Holiday section. After 6 weeks of that, as much as I enjoyed it, I was just about organized out. My bedroom and computer/craft/guest room certainly reflect that fact. Also, I didn't really make any money working there since I managed to put the employee discount to good use and spent within $100 of what I made. Half of that was on an Elfa system for my bedroom closet.

Today I started trying to tidy up the guest room of all my crafting crap, since Kristin is going to be spending the night with me on Monday. I thought it might be nice to actually have the room all put together.

Storage solution

I found these clear file folders in the closet. I bought them at the CS a couple of months ago, for what I have no idea, and I used them to store my half finished projects. Please notice that the project on top is the Sew? I Knit! purse from the May challenge. I'm nothing if not the world's greatest procrastinator. Anyway, as long as the project is not too big the folders make great storage devices.
(please note, that is not my pink closet but it is very close to how mine is arranged)

Lulu's Christmas Stocking

lulu's stocking

I bought this stocking on sale after Christmas last year for something cheap like 50 cents. In my mind, I wanted a big L like the kind Laverne, of Laverne & Shirley, always wore on her sweaters. Not being a seasoned user of glittery slick paint, I had a wee bit of a wobble. But the rest of the name turned out fine. It's pretty cute, don't you think?



So very glad it's Friday. Why? Because it means I only have 4 days of work next week. Yay! Also, I have about a zillion things I need to do around the house before Christmas and work keeps getting in the way.

My back is still aching, but mostly in the mornings so I'm afraid it is my mattress. I love my bed. I bought it right before I quit selling furniture at Lacks. Since I was an employee, I was able to get it at cost and the idea of having to pay retail for a new mattress set just kills me. It's a good set. It shouldn't be worn out after nearly 10 years! I'll have to flip it tonight and see if that helps any.

Another good reason for being glad that today is Friday is because tonight I am going to babysit for my friend Sheri, the ornament maker. She has two cute kiddos who really are propaganda babies. Seriously, I have to remember to leave my ovaries in the car when I go to her house.

later in the morning.......The children are sick, so no babysitting. Bummer.


Gimme a Kiss!

Yesterday, during my Twerp buying expedition, I came across a new Kiss from Hersheys. Dark chocolate with macadamia nut. Yummy. Of course, once again, the Hersheys Kisses website does not have them listed (of course, they did finally list the mint and candy cane ones, so I'm sure these will show up eventually).

Quiz Time

Bekka had this quiz on her blog, so of course I had to take it. I'm a quiz-aholic. Just this afternoon I took a quiz my health insurance company sent me to determine my risk for heart disease (which is low, btw).

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Dedicated Reader

You are always trying to find the time to get back to your book. You are convinced that the world would be a much better place if only everyone read more.

Fad Reader
Literate Good Citizen
Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Book Snob
What Kind of Reader Are You?
Create Your Own Quiz

I have a stack of books by my bed to read, just got two more in the mail last week, and am having dinner with a friend who loans me books this weekend. Now if only I could stop watching so much tv and get back into the reading groove.

Speaking of tv, did anyone watch the season finale of Nip/Tuck last night? This season was much better than last year's and I am hoping for more celebrity guest spots now that they've moved to LA.



This morning I had to visit my doctor for every girl's favorite thing--the dreaded annual exam. Now, without going into TMI territory, I will just say that it's not really any big deal to me. Anyway, all my LDL/HDL and all that other medical jargon is good. I've lost 20 lbs since July but none in the last month. Doc is not happy with that since I'm taking medication to facilitate weight loss and my appetite is still pretty low (despite all the posts where I talk about food). She wants to see me at the end of January to see how I'm doing and then we'll re-evaluate.

Anyway, on to the good news!

There's a Walgreens by her office so I popped in there on the off chance that they might have my beloved Twerps. And guess what?! They DID! Glory, glory hallelujah. Not only that, but they were on sale, 2 bags for $4. I held myself back though and only bought 4 bags. I must ration.


Another reason why Google rocks

I found out about the newest cool gadget from Google, via my friend Katie. She had a link to the Gmap Pedometer on her blog and with it I was able to figure out that the little walk Lulu and I do is a mile. The longer walk is 1.6 miles. Sure seems longer, but that could be because Lulu's legs are only like 3 inches long.

Speaking of Lulu, poor thing is tuckered out. Today I took her to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. Despite the fact that my credit card squeeled in pain with the $400 charge, I just could not take her ass breath any longer. It was so bad. So very bad. Worse than her Frito smelling feet. But seriously, people, isn't $400 a bit much? I know the dog has to be put under and all but give me a break!

Goal for the new year: get some pet insurance!

Anyway, Lulu put herself to bed around 6:30 and didn't even make a peep with the possum feeding neighbors were making loud noise in the backyard. It sounded like they were chopping wood, or at least I hope that's what it was. I did my best to be a nosy neighbor, but I wasn't going to climb on the rotting wood pile and peek over the fence.


Lulu sits with Santa

Lulu & Santa

Lulu got her picture taken with Santa at Petsmart over the weekend. Unfortunately, the pictures didn't turn out so great. But that's okay because part of the money is donated to the animal shelter. Plus, you know how much I like it when people exclaim how soft and adorable Lulu is.

(Photo posted is actually a photo of the original polaroid. Why can't they upgrade into the digital world?!)


How to seriously creep yourself out

First, watch a creepy movie home alone on a dark night.

Second, just as the movie is getting to the creepy climax, have the power in your home go out.

Third, make the power be out not just in your home, but as far as the eye can see.

Fourth, find no comfort in your dog because what does she care about your silly human eyes. She can see in the dark, fool!

Fifth, sit on the sofa and wonder what the hell you are going to do if the power doesn't come back on soon.

Lastly, finish watching the movie when the power comes back on 30 minutes later.

Sad news

I'm sad to report that one of Miss Doxie's dogs, Tasha, passed away yesterday from pneumonia. As soon as I read that on her blog, I had to stop and give Lulu some love. It makes me sad that dogs can be our closest companions and confidants yet we don't know how ill they are until it's too late.

Last year I read a book in which a man tries to teach his dog to speak, because the dog was a witness to the suicide of the man's wife. Have you read The Dogs of Babel? If you are at all a crier, keep the hanky nearby.



This little mushroom is a new addition to the tree this year. I found them (it comes in a pack of many) at World Market and they instantly made me think of the wooden mushrooms my mom has on her tree. Her mushrooms were purchased in Germany and they've been on our tree as long as I can remember. The wooden mushrooms are in a pair and use a twist tie, sort of like you use to close a garbage sack, to attach to the tree. Over the years, the ties have broken off so she doesn't have as many as she used to. When I was a kid I hated the mushrooms because there were so many and putting them on the tree took forever.

Honestly, I really don't like decorating the tree. It's so tedious to make it look perfect and of course, I can never achieve perfection. This year, my tree looks a bit lopsided due to the light placement, but I had to finally say "good enough" or it never would have gotten done. Also, my mom really gets into decorating for Christmas. Decorations in every room! I tend to be more minimal. For example, my mantle:


I do love Christmas ornaments though and I'm always on the lookout for them whenever I travel. There are also some stores that I shop at specifically for their ornaments. Such as Anthropologie:

cupcake from Anthropologie

On my tree are also hand made ornaments from friends. My friend Sheri makes ornaments like this one every year. I'm looking forward to getting my fourth one from her soon.


Of course I already showed you the adorable Lulu ornament that Kristin gave me, but she also gave me this really cute glass Dachshund:

glass dachshund

Some other places I've found great ornaments over the years include Target (no luck this year though), the Container Store (they call them package tie ons, I call them ornaments, and Smith & Hawken. My favorite thing to do is shop at these stores on the 26th of December to get ornaments on sale. In fact, I like to buy all manner of Christmas things on sale on the 26th. The cards from Target are especially a weakness of mine.



This morning I had a nearly 2 hour massage and it was worth every penny. Most of this past week I was battling what I thought was a bad back. When it didn't respond to normal chiropractic treatments, my chiropractor thought it might be a kidney stone. He sent me to a pain management doctor and she determined that it was just some kind of deep muscle strain. That's right, I strained my ass by sitting on it all day! Why does that not surprise me? Anyway, she said a massage would probably help. I feel 98% back to myself. Yay!


Sock Monkey Slippers

Are these not the cutest slippers you've ever seen? I saw them while at Target tonight and it was all I could do not to buy a pair! (size XL, hint hint).




Yesterday, Kristin, El Hombre and I went to Canton, to shop the giant flea market. It was cold. So very cold that I had to buy gloves. After we had shopped and eaten we went over to the pet section and nearly came home with a Dorkie (dachshund/yorkie mix). He was adorable and FREE, but I just can not handle a 5 month old puppy at this point.

pocketful of puppies

This guy was walking around with a puppy in each pocket. At least it kept them warm!

We got to play with Sugar Gliders and boy were the cute too! This one was trying to crawl into the sleeve of Kristin's jacket.

sugar glider


Why I don't have a cat

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That ain't right