It's almost my birthday!

Tonight I got some early birthday presents when my parents and another couple came over for dinner. No photos because the digital camera wasn't charged, but that's okay because I got a new one!!! It's the same kind Kristin has and takes much better photos than the way I had appropriated from my dad.

Now I'm off to charge it up and read the manual....


Not a surprise

A recent study by condom makers, Trojan, ranks the sexual health of universities.

Texas Tech ranked 94th out of 100.

Not really a shocker.


Taking a break

Hey ya'll, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be taking a blogging break this week. Work is crazy and I'm going back to Houston today and won't return until Thursday. My house is a mess and I have got to get some crafting done before my head explodes. There is only so much room in my brain for ideas.

Be good!


When Hope is Not Enough

I've had some fairly deep forehead wrinkles for several years and lately I've become obsessed with them. They betray my otherwise youthful looking face. A few weeks ago, at the mall, I sampled some creams and lotions trying to find a magic potion. Since that time, the main wrinkle doesn't seem so deep. I'm over joyed!

But wait.

I can't remember what I sampled! And I tested so many that maybe it was the combination of all the products. This morning I'm browsing
Sephora.com so that I can get an idea of what I want before going to make a purchase. I love that store. Every time I go, I spend at least 45 minutes just wandering around in a daze. So many pretty, shiny colors! And every time I end up buying eye shadow that looks like all the others back at home.

Anywhoo... I ran across this serum from Philosophy. Their products always have cutesy names, but this one just makes me sad.


Does your mother do this too?

About an hour ago, as it is starting to rain and storm in a big way, I get a call from my mother. She wanted to know what time a friend and I are going out to dinner. She's worried about me driving in the storm. Now keep in mind, we haven't had a lot of rain here in several months, so the news guys are going crazy. They probably have a "Thunder Storm 2006" logo and every thing.

Next Sunday I will be 33 years old. I've made it this long without killing myself by driving in a thunder storm. I think I can make it at least one more night.


Attack of the frog monster!

This adorable frog hat called out to me when I was in Petsmart this afternoon. I just had to get it. Lulu hates it and it's too small for her head, so I'll return it. But not before showing you all how cute she is!

Frog Monster

Picture 006
Can't you see her look of disgust in this last photo?
Picture 004

I was tired

Kristin snapped this picture of me catching a nap at ACL on Saturday afternoon. Not the most flattering picture. I love how my skin is practically the same color as my shirt.

Swap package #2

Today when I came home from work my second swap package was waiting for me. The multi color stripe fabric is something I've never seen before. It almost looks knit. The instant I saw it I thought it would make a fabulous cape for Ellie.

2nd swap fabrics


My first swap

Today I got my first ever swap package. Yay!

My first swap!

Lulu was interested and gave them some sniffs.

Lulu fabric

Necia, from Jane of all Trades, sent them to me.



I was browsing ReproDepot fabrics just now and stumbled upon this fabric. You have got to be kidding me! What would be made out of it? Who would want a skirt or a quilt or bag made of fabric with office cubicles on it? Crazy.


Day o' Laundry

After having guests, pretty much all my towels need to be washed (and I have a LOT of towel) and also the sheets and pillow cases. No big deal. But last night, Ellie peed on the guest bed cover and this morning Lulu had wet, dirty feet and ran over my bed quilt. So I'm washing pretty much every thing in the house that could possibly be washed.

We skipped out on the 3rd day of ACL. Frankly, I'd had enough of the humidty and all the waiting in line and crowds and it was threatening rain. Plus, you know, the laundry was calling (I was out of clean undies too--again, I have a ton of undies so if I'm out it means a serious amount of laundry). Also, I needed to mow the lawn because Lulu had started to act like she wouldn't go in the yard. The grass was only nearly as tall as her. I don't see why that should be an issue. Kidding!

Anyway, that's my super exciting Sunday. Doing laundry and ironing while watching Wife Swap on tv. Yeeeeehaw! Being single rocks.


Austin City Limits Festival

That's right baybeeeees, I've been sweatin' my ass of at Zilker park, checking out the music of the
ACL Fest

Yesterday, I walked from Ceasar Chavez, across the Lamar pedestrian bridge, down Lamar to Barton Springs and then to the festival. Know y'all know I'm lazy and that's a fair distance. And I was carrying my little fold up chair, camera and sun screen. It was 105 degrees and I haven't been in the sun all summer. Needless to say, by the time Kristin met me at the front gate I was about to throw up.

But as soon as I got some water, everything was alright. As we walked through the crowd back over to the stage where Gnarls Barkley was playing, we saw this girl wearing the craziest outfit. I can't even describe it but to say it was a definite Glamour Don't.

Another band that was really good was Thievery Corporation. Their music was a funky mix of reggae and house music. I think. Whatever it was, I liked it alot.

At the end of the night, as we left the park, I realized I was hungry even though I'd had dinner. How could I have the munchies? Contact high, I'm sure. There was much pot smoking going.

Now I need to take a nap before heading back out there. Tonight I'm looking forward to seeing The Shins and the Raconteurs. My favorites for tomorrow are KT Tunstall and Matisyahu, the reggae rapping orthodox Jew.


It's a crafty post!

A few weeks ago I went to a girl's night out at The Mad Potter, which is a paint your own pottery place. Painting, particularly on pottery, is not something I do well in. But I've been inspired by the Gee's Bend quilt exhibit I saw, so I decided to to a log cabin type pattern on a tile.

The colors don't flow all that well, but it's better than the coasters I painted the time before.

Painted tile


An object in motion

Go away

In this photo, you see Lulu trying to rest under the chair, while Ellie tries to persuade her to come back out and play. Lulu is not used to so much activity. Ellie is a high energy pup.

They're heeeeeeeeeere!

Kristin, El hombre and Ellie have arrived. Lulu and Ellie have raced around the house and now Lulu is avoiding Ellie by hiding under chairs and the bed. Photos coming soon.



The cuteness

Look at that sweet little head? Isn't she the cutest? It's a good thing too, because she left me another little present on the carpet in the office. Right under the craft table.

But she is so happy to see me when I get home that I don't get too mad.

She doesn't get any wine though.

Weekend update

Or "Why I didn't get to do anything fun"

home office

See that little black lap top? That's why? I was slaving away trying to design offices. The past 4 days have sucked.

In fact, they have been so bad that I went to Whole Foods after work tonight and bought a bottle of wine. Cheap wine. Six ninety nine wine. It tastes alright, but I've had better cheap wines. But it's cold and it will make me no longer hate.

You know it's gonna be an interesting night with the Virgin Mary is on your bottle of wine.

wine 3


Taking a break

I've been working for several hours and thought I'd take a break. Drawing with autocad on a laptop is not so great for the neck.

Kristin called me this evening and gave me a Gus update. When El Hombre got home from work today, Gus had managed to get free of his cone and chewed out his stitches (which were fresh on Thursday from a previous chewing) and gnawed his tail down to the muscle. El Hombre reports that it was very gross. So Gus is back at the vet and spending the night. Please think good thoughts for him.

At this point, perhaps amputating his tail would be the way to go.


Another reason why the IRS sucks

Because of them, I will be working much of the weekend.



So I'm doing my nightly just before bed blog check (and all you blog addicts know just how well that works) when where do I find myself, but on a blog about cupcakes. What is it about cupcakes that makes me crave them so? It's because they're tiny. I've said it before and I'll say it again....tiny things are cute.

Anyway, on that blog is a link to Babycakes, which is local. They sound so yummy, particularly the key lime ones and the carrot cakes ones. Even though I am trying so very hard to eat healthy, I may have to splurge and treat myself to these for my birthday. Maybe if I don't eat any chocolate for the next month? Sha! Like that'll happen.

Also, I am very excited that Starbucks has brought back their Pumpkin Spice latte. Personally, I prefer Seattle's Best coffee, and they have the pumpkin spice latte all year long, but there is not one convenient to me. Frankly, the Starbucks isn't either so it's a special treat kind of thing.

So now that I've completely made myself crave cupcakes and chocolate, I'm going to bed.

She's a very crafty girl

This blog was originally intended to be all about things I create. But since the Lazyness has taken over and I don't seem to be crafting much at all these days (in my head I am a crafting wizard), I thought I would post some photos of past projects just to prove that I can craft.

This is a decoupage mirror that I made for Kristin. I love this thing and if she hadn't liked it I would have totally kept it. In fact, I still want it. The mirror is from Ikea and is super cheap so this is a very affordable gift idea.

Decoupage mirror

These pillows were made for my mom and they even have a concealed zipper! Christmas is her favorite holiday and her house looks best when decorated for it so I made these for her sofa.

christmas pillows

This little guy is a caricature of my dad that is used as the mascot for his computer store. I didn't create the original drawing, but I did paint this on the wall of the store.

store character

And finally, for this entry at least, is an invitation I made to a Girls' Night Out that I had at Origins. It's simple, which is how I prefer my crafts to be, but still cute.



Last night I noticed that Lulu was awake and seemed to be paying attention to the television.

Watching tv

What show could captivate her so? Sex and the City! I wonder which character Lulu would be?

Good News!!

Kristin took Gus back to the vet this morning as he's still chewing on his tail (I think he's got a touch of the OCD) and the biopsy results are back.

He's cancer free!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

As you can see, he's happy as a clam.

Smiling Gus



I've had my eye on this item at Etsy for months. It would look so cute matted and framed, don't you think? I really should just buy it already!



The computer has sound once again! It's a miracle! Not really. It only took threatening my dad with no Lulu visits for him to fix what he broke. Last September he was fiddlin' with my computer and I don't know what he did, but after that, the sound never worked again.

Do you know how hard it's been to feed my iTunes habit without sound? Or the YouTube videos I've missed out on?