Kibble skittle

Lulu gets excited about feeding time but not like this. This video is so cute. I don't know how they were able to video it without cracking up.

Random Musings

Why is that Lulu hates the vacuum and will flee from it, so far as leaving the house and going outside even if it's in a different room than she, but will calmly sit in the backyard and let me mow within a foot of her? Dogs is weird.

Last night I watched that Britney Spears movie Crossroads and God help me, I cried. That's right, it made me cry. It's official...I am the world's biggest cry baby.

A couple of nights ago I had two very bad nightmares. One involving work and lots of yelling and the other involving the death of someone that used to be very important to me. Normally I don't read much into dreams but the death one stuck with me so much that I thought maybe it meant something. I wasn't about to call the person up and say "hey, are you dead?" so I did what every girl with stalker tendencies does....I put Google/Facebook/Myspace to work. You can not hide from that Internet holy trinity. If you exist on the web, they will find you. Results yielded not dead yet.

Last weekend I stopped to get a Diet Coke...I know, I'm not supposed to drink caffeine but I really really needed one...anyway, all the gas station had was Diet Coke tall boys. I felt kinda dirty. Like this should be in a brown paper bag.


Fashion Dilemma

I need a dress for my sister's wedding. Maybe you recall me mentioning it? She's getting married in two months and I'm the maid of honor. The dress requirements are: black, between knee and calf length and must be non-hoochie. I thought I'd found a dress, borrowed from a friend but it is a little too casual compared to the other bridesmaids' dresses. See me trying it on at work last week:

Strike a pose

So yesterday, during a moment of downtown at the office, I found these dresses on Nordstrom.com. The first one is great but I'm not crazy about the asymmetrical hem and it doesn't ship until the end of September. The second dress is much hotter but do I really want to be hot at my sister's wedding? Also, I have a thing about my armpits. They are not attractive. What if people look at the exposed one and laugh? What if my boob falls out? We do not need a wardrobe malfunction. The third dress has a great neckline, with the deeper v, but I'm not sure it's fancy enough.

What to do, what to do? I know...buy all three and then decide!


So cute

I just stumbled upon this adorable ribbon via How About Orange.
To do what with, who knows!


Stress and chocolate

So tonight while I was trying to study and stuffing my face with Dove chocolates because I was feeling anxious about the test (less than two months and I am so not prepared) I noticed the inspirational message on the chocolate wrapper. It said
don't think about it so much
If only. So then I just finished my chocolate, flipped on an episode of Intervention (mmmmm, addiction to pain killers, sweet!) and did some ab exercises on the living room floor.

I am so weird.


Like a hole in the head

I need another credit card like I need a hole in the head but how could I pass up the offer of 0% interest for a year AND the opportunity to put Lulu's picture on the card? Well of course I had to do it. Don't worry, the APR doesn't jump to some kind of crazy rate after the introductory period. I made sure to read all the fine print first.

It does occur to me that if the credit limits on my credit cards were combined I could pay off my mortgage and my car. Normally I don't have any idea what the limits on them are because I'm not using them like candy but recently one expired and I was sent the replacement. The credit limit on that card alone is nearly my yearly salary. Insanity! That does not make me want to shop. That terrifies me.


Happy Anniversary x 2

see more dog pictures

This is a week of anniversaries. One year ago tonight, I went on my first date with the boyfriend. It was a great date so we out again that following Friday and we've been going out ever since. Okay, true confession time: we were on a break for a couple of months due to me having a freak out (sorry babe, love you) but now we're back together and it's all good.

The actual date of our first date was August 8th, which also happens to be the anniversary of my condo purchase. 3 years ago on that date, after many tears of frustration due to an inept mortgage broker, I finally became a home owner. And I've been broke ever since. Welcome to the American dream. yay.


My cousin has opened a new store here in Austin (the Westlake area), called Sanctuary. Today there was a little blurb about it on Apartment Therapy. Rock on, Hanna! She's having an open house tonight featuring make up, jewelry and cupcakes. What more could a girl want?

Check out her blog here: Simply Sanctuary

Kristin and me visiting the store a few weeks ago:


Get into the groove

I am having the worst time getting into the groove of studying for the NCIDQ. Do you know how long it's been since I had to study for an exam? 9 years.

It's 9pm...ask me how much studying I've done tonight? No wait, don't. But really, after work I had to go to the gym and then I had to go to Kinko's to get some stuff done for work and that took forever and then I had to get gas and then...well you get the idea. I haven't even eaten dinner yet. 3 Dove chocolates don't count and since all I had for dinner last night was Doritos (in the car, on my way to my study group) I should probably eat some real food tonight.


The Accidental Husband trailer

What's the deal?

For months now I have been not so patiently waiting for The Accidental Husband to be released. But the released date keeps getting pushed back. Yesterday, while once again trying to find out when it's going to be coming out, I found out that the movie has already come out in other countries! What is up with that? The movie must really suck. But I don't care. Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a lead role!

Ooh oh! Yesterday I read that they might be bringing his character, Denny, back to Grey's Anatomy. Now how they are going to do that, since Denny died a very dramatic death and has already come back as a ghost once, is beyond me. But again, I do not care. Just now my ass will be firmly planted on the sofa, tissues in hand for that episode.


Not just for celebrities!

Earlier this week my doctor referred me to an ENT because I am sick from yet another cold/sinus infection. This is the 4th one since the end of May. So today I had that appointment. I had joked with someone that maybe the doctor would say I had a deviated septum and needed a nose job. Well guess what, no joke. But really, a nose job is not necessary, just a "simple" sinus surgery. However, if I'm going to be put under anyway, why not have it done? Time and money are an issue at the moment so I'm not in any hurry. After all, my nose has been this way for most of my life. But if you are feeling generous and want to paypal me the money just let me know!