I'm a Winner!

Tonight I went to an IIDA fundraiser and participated in a silent auction where I won this fab painting:

Barbara Zoern painting

It was a steal at only $65. Of course, the framing will cost way more than that.


My Wild Thursday Night


Watch out now. I lead a very exciting life. Tonight I spent my evening watching tv (the season 4 premiere of Project Runway from last night) and Grey's Anatomy while knitting on my scarf and then winding another ball of yarn.

Secret Admirer Update

The rose was from a coworker.... a female one even! Scandal! No, not really. She want to a Mexican food place on the East side that gives out roses to the ladies at lunch and she thought it would be funny to leave it on my car. She didn't realize that it might freak me out just a little bit.



This post is specifically just to torture Kristin. Her birthday is next Friday, the 23rd. She wrote a blog post last night about how her boyfriend, El Hombre, has presents for her sitting out in the open, just taunting her. Well lookee what came in the mail today kiddo.

That's right. You're getting a card board box. Sweet! Not really. There might also be some craftiness involved, if I can get off my lazy ass and get to it.

Why am I knitting?

noro scarf

Why am I knitting a scarf that is 75% wool and that will be warm and bulky when it was 85 degrees today? Why? Where is my fall weather? This is my latest project. It's another K2P2 scarf using Noro Iro. Like many other knitters out there I have a bit of an affinity for the Noro. It's just so yummy. There are several skeins in my stash. They are just so pretty to look at. Sometimes, I just pet them. Man, I'm so weird. Anyway, the scarf is half way done and I've been making pretty good time on it, doing a bit each night while I watch tv.


On books into movies

Another one of my favorite books is being turned into a movie. The book is P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern (who just happens to be the daugher of Ireland's primie minister). I loved this book. It made me laugh and it made me cry. Oh hell, what book involving love doesn't? I'm such a sap. Anyway, it's being made into a movie. Yay! Sort of. The female lead is being played by Hillary Swank. I'm sorry but she has a horse face. Not cute at all. Also, the book is set in Ireland. Are you telling me that Hollywood could not find enough actresses in all of Ireland to play the roles needed for this film? But the highlight and the reason why I will pay $7.50 or whatever it costs to see in the theatre is because Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Denny from Grey's Anatomy is in the film. *swoon* He's so hot. Seriously. And that's not just the fever from my cold talking.


You know it's time to go to the store....

When the only thing you have to eat for breakfast in your house is a Lean Cuisine pizza. I might have soldiered on and skipped the meal but reading the archived posts from The Pioneer Woman Cooks makes me super hungry. So instead I'm eating my pizza and making the worlds longest grocery list. So watch out, there might be actual cooking happening again soon!


Secret Admirer

This afternoon, even though I left the office early, I was the last one out the door. When I got to my car there was a rose on the windshield, tucked under the wiper blade. Do I have a stalker? A secret admirer? My office is in the middle of an industrial park so it's not like there is a florist on every corner. Very strange. And just a little creepy. I brought it home anyway because it seemed not right to just toss it on the ground.

Random rose


Lulu says....

Aren't you glad it's almost the weekend?


sun bather

I am not happy

Tonight I went to Target after a long, hard day at work. It seems like every day for the last couple of weeks has been long (hence the lack of blogging). I know it's only November but the Christmas candy is out. And that means Mint Hershey Kisses! Yay! Or so I thought. Until I went to the candy aisle. Oh sure, there were plenty of Kisses. Kisses as far as the eye could see. But not the kind I wanted. It seems my beloved Mint Kisses have been replaced by Mint Truffle kisses. They have a green center.

Now what am I supposed to do?!