This morning I had to visit my doctor for every girl's favorite thing--the dreaded annual exam. Now, without going into TMI territory, I will just say that it's not really any big deal to me. Anyway, all my LDL/HDL and all that other medical jargon is good. I've lost 20 lbs since July but none in the last month. Doc is not happy with that since I'm taking medication to facilitate weight loss and my appetite is still pretty low (despite all the posts where I talk about food). She wants to see me at the end of January to see how I'm doing and then we'll re-evaluate.

Anyway, on to the good news!

There's a Walgreens by her office so I popped in there on the off chance that they might have my beloved Twerps. And guess what?! They DID! Glory, glory hallelujah. Not only that, but they were on sale, 2 bags for $4. I held myself back though and only bought 4 bags. I must ration.

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