One down, how many more?

Tonight, I caught a possum *happy dance*cabbage patch*.

Then I was too scared to pick up the cage and put it in my car.

So I went next door and asked my neighbor to help me.

And I didn't even give out a girly scream when we had to shake the possum out of the cage.

Did you know they can run really fast when they want to?


  1. Aw-right!! High five to Liz the Possum Hunter!!

  2. i had no idea a possum could run fast. that freaks me out even more.

    i'll never forget the day a friend was speeding along the rode, accidentally ran over a carcass of a possum, and in came bits of it through the open window. possum carcass on his face.

  3. Aaaak -- aren't you the brave one.

    I had a possum run-in this time last year. Same thing on the fence, my dogs go nuts. We ended up having to get a trapper out here who found a nest in the neighbor's shed. He caught them and released them in the wild.

    Did you see their teeth??? Those are some serious choppers. The good thing is that they don't carry rabies AND just the other night there was another possum out on the fence . . . . .