Organize Yourself!

Ever since I was little I have had a thing about being organized. Nothing excited me more than finding the perfect storage solution for my things. Fast forward to November of 2005. I took a holiday job working 3 nights a week at The Container Store in their Holiday section. After 6 weeks of that, as much as I enjoyed it, I was just about organized out. My bedroom and computer/craft/guest room certainly reflect that fact. Also, I didn't really make any money working there since I managed to put the employee discount to good use and spent within $100 of what I made. Half of that was on an Elfa system for my bedroom closet.

Today I started trying to tidy up the guest room of all my crafting crap, since Kristin is going to be spending the night with me on Monday. I thought it might be nice to actually have the room all put together.

Storage solution

I found these clear file folders in the closet. I bought them at the CS a couple of months ago, for what I have no idea, and I used them to store my half finished projects. Please notice that the project on top is the Sew? I Knit! purse from the May challenge. I'm nothing if not the world's greatest procrastinator. Anyway, as long as the project is not too big the folders make great storage devices.
(please note, that is not my pink closet but it is very close to how mine is arranged)

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