Yesterday, Kristin, El Hombre and I went to Canton, to shop the giant flea market. It was cold. So very cold that I had to buy gloves. After we had shopped and eaten we went over to the pet section and nearly came home with a Dorkie (dachshund/yorkie mix). He was adorable and FREE, but I just can not handle a 5 month old puppy at this point.

pocketful of puppies

This guy was walking around with a puppy in each pocket. At least it kept them warm!

We got to play with Sugar Gliders and boy were the cute too! This one was trying to crawl into the sleeve of Kristin's jacket.

sugar glider


  1. I've been wanting to go to Canton for years! Next time you go, call me! Have you been to Gruene? It was great!

  2. Cute puppies and sugar glider. Sounds like a great flea market.

  3. Damn! I can't believe you and El Hombre's were such haters and wouldn't let me have the dorkie, or the bunny I named Toffee, or the goat, or the sugar glider. Haters!

  4. Hey, EK! Not sure if you knew I had a "discernment diary" here. I don't post every day --or even close to it-- but if you want to check it out, visit Sunday! Sundae! Sunday!