So very glad it's Friday. Why? Because it means I only have 4 days of work next week. Yay! Also, I have about a zillion things I need to do around the house before Christmas and work keeps getting in the way.

My back is still aching, but mostly in the mornings so I'm afraid it is my mattress. I love my bed. I bought it right before I quit selling furniture at Lacks. Since I was an employee, I was able to get it at cost and the idea of having to pay retail for a new mattress set just kills me. It's a good set. It shouldn't be worn out after nearly 10 years! I'll have to flip it tonight and see if that helps any.

Another good reason for being glad that today is Friday is because tonight I am going to babysit for my friend Sheri, the ornament maker. She has two cute kiddos who really are propaganda babies. Seriously, I have to remember to leave my ovaries in the car when I go to her house.

later in the morning.......The children are sick, so no babysitting. Bummer.

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  1. My back has been killing me in the morning for the past month and my mattress is ten years old. I'm so afraid I need to get a new one. ouch.