What's a girl to do.....

when it's midnight and you're driving home from a kickass fashion/craft show and you want donuts and sushi?

Wouldn't Midnight Sushi be an awesome name for my fictious rock band or fashion line? I declare right now that I am the owner of that name, so don't steal it!

Not that I wanted to be a rock star. Can't say that dream ever really crossed my mind. But I did want to be a Solid Gold dancer. Does anyone remember that show? The women would dance on platforms to current disco/rock hits while wearing gold sequined spandex. The one Solid Gold dance move that I would practice over and over involved rolling around on my bed. It was a really long time ago, and I drank alot in college, so I can't really remember what the deal was with that move but I owned it. Oh yes, I did!

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