Tonight I am going to check out the
Stitch show in downtown Austin. It looks like it should be pretty interesting and I'm sure I will see lots of things I want to buy for myself and as Christmas gifts.

This morning, my dad came over to help me do some stuff around the condo. It took a couple of hours, but now all the switches and outlets in the kitchen are white instead of the ugly almond. Also, one of the bathrooms has all the switches swapped out AND a new shower head installed.

Now if I had known how easy it was to replace the old shower head I would have done it when I bought the new one over a year ago! Same thing goes for turning up the hot water heater so I could actually take a hot shower instead of a warm one.

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  1. I'm glad ya'll made the switches in the green bathroom face the same direction. You know how it kills me when the lights are off and all the switches in the room don't match!