Saturday night report

Last night I actually went out of the house after dark. This is a rarity. Not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line in the last 8 years or so, I have adopted an aversion to leaving the house after dark. But last night I went downtown, by myself! My therapist would be so proud. The StitchAustin show was totally cool and while there I ran into my friend Bessy. I didn't buy anything but I did get a little free pin from the Imaginary Boyfriend booth and I think it's totally appropriate that I have a pretend boyfriend. His name shall be Shawn. So Shawn and I walked around and I took note of all the bags and headbands made from fabric just like I had. There was one booth, which I first saw at ACL, and in fact is how I found about last night, in which there was a purse I really wanted, but I decided to stick to my frugal ways. Of course, I was totally inspired to go home and sew but by the time I did get home I was too tired.

The fashion show was fuckin' awesome, even if it did make me feel like a frumpy, non-hip, 30something from the 'burbs. The models were “normal” women so that was cool to see and I had a spot right next to the stage, so close that I had to avert my eyes when the girls did their little side voguing because I did not want to look up their skirts.

I wish I'd taken my camera but tons of people were taking photos so hopefully some will turn up on Flickr. There was one dress, in particular, that really reminded me of a dress from Project Runway. Then I started thinking that I wish Laura from PR was my friend or at least had her own tv show. The Life of Laura—Fashionista and Mom of 5 boys. Would you watch? I totally would. Okay, so back to my original story…..

I left Stitch around 10:45pm and was tired and hungry, having only eaten a string cheese stick for breakfast and a beef & cheddar from Arby's way earlier in the day. What did I want to eat? Donuts and sushi (see previous entry). Seriously, and I’m not pregnant and hadn’t been drinking. But I was too tired to drive all the way to Krispy Kreme so I just went through the Taco Bell drive through and got a taco instead.

So I went home and played with the dog some before going into the bathroom to take off my eye makeup. I thought to myself that it was such a shame to be wasting such a good hair and makeup night on the dog, but what're ya gonna do? There are two things I’m really vain about: my hair and my eyes. The hair has been an issue of late because my last coloring fried it so I have all these random frizzy hairs floating around my head, but last night I managed to make them work (plus, Bessy said my hair looked cute and she’s hip so I believe her). So I went to bed and then woke up around 6:30 with a killer headache and a hungry dog. Fed the dog, took some meds and got an ice pack for the head.

The headache still persists but I’m hesitant to take any more drugs because I can’t remember what I’ve taken already and if I keeled over dead it would be a while before anyone noticed. At least a day, because if I didn’t call Kristin in a 24 hour time period she’s be sure to notice. What if Lulu got really hungry? Do you think she’d nibble on my toes? I don’t think so. Only cats would be so bold.

You know what, the headache, it worsens. I think I'll take the maxalt and go back to bed.

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  1. Great links! Awesome talented stuff out there.

    Sorry to hear about the headache. Those are just killers.