Christmas card photo attempts

Yesterday was beautiful, but Lulu did not feel like posing.

reindeer doxie revolt

reindeer doxie revolt 2

Won't you please just let me nap?


Possible card


  1. oh i wish that were me, rolling around and...napping.

  2. looks like a wonderful christmas card in the making! maybe you could add digital snow to cover the grass?

  3. Your banner photo where she's all snuggled on the blankets... Then with the antlers on - I think it needs to be an indoor shot perhaps.

    Poor Lulu. The INDIGNITY of it all. ;)

    We passed along Bear's Jinglebell and Light dangled antlers to Michaels' little dog this week. So poor Rose has to get used to these horrible things. I'm wondering if there will be cards in the making there, too.

  4. What a chuckle I got out of Lulu's photo session. I know just what it's like to be standing around with the camera just trying for the perfect shot and she's rolling around in the grass.

    Last shot is good, but I got to say I love those "take these things off my head" shots.

  5. You could take that closeup photo of Lulu on your Flicker site (looks like she's laying on a red couch) and photoshop it to make her nose Rudolf-red...if the antlers don't work out.