Tonsil Watch 2007

Even though I'm not running a fever, I have a sore throat and even my eye balls hurt. This can only mean one thing....tonsillitis or strep throat. Now I know that a high fever usually accompianies strep throat, but I've had it so much that now I get atypical symptoms. In fact, last spring my doctor told me that the next time she wants to take out my tonsils.

I love my doctor, like seriously, I want to hang out with her, but she can just step off if she thinks I'm undergoing a tonsilectomy! This all started when, unknown for months, I came down with mononucleosis and had strep throat or tonsillitis every month for 6 months. It totally sucked. Even after all that and all the times I've been sick in the last 10 years I refuse to have my tonsils removed. Too many horror stories! No thanks, just pass me some good drugs and I'll curl up under my blankets and wait to die.

Plus, my tonsils can amuse me when I'm not ill. They're really huge and have crater like pockets that grow little hard balls of phlegm, called tonsilloliths. (theres a photo on that link if you want to get good and grossed out). Mmmmm good stuff.

Sorry, that was gross. I'm going to go lie on the sofa and moan at Lulu to fix me some mashed potatoes now. That dog is just useless as a servant.


  1. Poor Liz - I wish I could come bring you a pot of mashed potatoes, and some of my amazing curative chicken soup.

    My tonsils are exactly the same as yours - including those tonsiliths. I never knew they had a name! I still have my tonsils - after a few years having an experience similar to yours, my tonsils settled down and usually behave well.

    Hope you feel better soon. Even if Lulu can wait on you, at least she can cuddle.

  2. oh i'm so sorry. this sounds terrible. but getting your tonsils removed! aaaah! i don't think i'd do that either if somebody told me i must right now. feek better soon!