Childhood memories

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This is one of my favorite childhood photos. Don't Kristin and I look cute? I'm sure that I did something awful, like pinch her, 3 seconds after this photo was taken, but in that moment we look cute together. Judging from my haircut and Stormtroopers t-shirt and Kristin's being a baby, I'd say it was taken in 1980. I got my t-shirt at the mall, at one of those shops where you could choose your iron on. If I could have I would have married a Stormtrooper at that point. Don't ask me why, but I fould those white plastic muscled dudes hot. Or at least as hot as a 6 year old is able to find someone. I also had a huuuuuge crush on Luke Skywalker and just could not understand why my mom found Han Solo to be attractive. Several years later I changed my stance because blonde guys no longer had the same appeal.


  1. i still think storm troopers are hot to this day. and luke skywalker?! han solo was infinitely hotter.

  2. Stormtroopers, hot? LOL.That never occured to me! I always wondered who would enlist on The Dark Side and then consent to living inside a helmet 24/7, Unless maybe they have TV in there...