When Hope is Not Enough

I've had some fairly deep forehead wrinkles for several years and lately I've become obsessed with them. They betray my otherwise youthful looking face. A few weeks ago, at the mall, I sampled some creams and lotions trying to find a magic potion. Since that time, the main wrinkle doesn't seem so deep. I'm over joyed!

But wait.

I can't remember what I sampled! And I tested so many that maybe it was the combination of all the products. This morning I'm browsing
Sephora.com so that I can get an idea of what I want before going to make a purchase. I love that store. Every time I go, I spend at least 45 minutes just wandering around in a daze. So many pretty, shiny colors! And every time I end up buying eye shadow that looks like all the others back at home.

Anywhoo... I ran across this serum from Philosophy. Their products always have cutesy names, but this one just makes me sad.

1 comment:

  1. philosophy does have cute packaging and cute names. but their products just totally irritate my face! i recommend something that might seem old lady, but i love: elizabeth arden.